New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.6.0

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New user parameter Attachment fit mode

Issue [HDC-3235] - Attachment view - control page fit

New parameter Attachment fit mode can be changed by users to control default PDF viewer zoom mode.

In User Profile, go to document tab to change this option. Default value is Page Fit.

Same parameter has been also added to System Settings in Administrator panel. This will decide of default value for PDF viewer zoom level for all users (unless user selects it in User Profile).

ObjectData import type allows adding new objects

Issue [HDC-3189] - Import objects via excel

ObjectData import type have been modified to allow adding new objects given in XLS spreadsheet.

Import dialog for ObjectData import have additional options.


Filters that only handles objects linked to selected object in tree

Issue [HDC-2663] - Filter that only handles objects linked to selected object in tree.

New option "Only for selected object" is added to Presentation panel that will narrow filter results to objects linked to selected Tree object (ex. Floor).

This can be useful for databases where same document is linked to multiply objects (for instance Floors).
If we have simple presentation "Room Area" that colors all rooms on drawing and presents their area we would get list of all rooms from all floors where our drawing is linked to and not currently selected floor.
If we use new option "Only for selected object" on Presentation panel, then the presented list will be narrowed to rooms connected only to currently selected Floor object in Tree navigation.

Possibility to run "Text compounder" and "Math basic operation" plugins for subtree

Issue [HDC-3003] - Text compounder run for subtree

Custom fields plugins Text Compounder and Math Basic Operation can now be run from Tree context menu in subtree mode.

Right click on desired Tree objects - for instance Building, and choose Smart Fields/Math Basic operation/Subtree to run plugin on building and all sub-objects of building.

Subtree operations can be time consuming as they may run for hundreds or thousands of objects. 
Because of that, those operation are run in background. Push notification will be visible when plugin is finished.

Administrators can see status of those operations in Admin Panel/System/Running processes. Please check for Task ModifySubTree.

Possibility to run "Update areas" for subtree

Issue [HDC-3006] - Update Areas for subtree

Update area functionality can be run in subtree mode in same way as Text Compounder and Math Basic Operation plugins, described above.

Manual start of Autolink function in application

Issue [HDC-3013] - Manual start of Autolink function in application

Auto-Linking can now be run outside imports. 

It can be run:

After auto-linking process is finished, report will pop-up with list of created links:

Proper rights to linked objects (View&Edit) is required of course to perform auto-linking.

New built in system group: "System Users"

Issue [HDC-2376] - I can use built in system group: "System Users"

New system group is now added to all databases in called System Users.
This is group of system internal type that will always have all users in the system as it's members.


Example of usage:

System group can be assigned HyperDoc User role and new users will automatically have this role assigned through that group.

New permission "Redline"

Issue [HDC-3023] - System role for users that are not allowed to Redline

New permission Perform redline is now added for each Security Scheme
This permission will decide if user can perform redline operation or not for objects to which Security Scheme is assigned. 

Still seeing shared redline layer is possible without this permission.
Perform redline permission applies only to editing operations (add redline drawing, layer, draw redline, delete redline).

Security Scheme dialog:

In this case no users can perform redline operations on drawings to which "General Scheme" applies.
But if we create "Arkitekt" scheme that applies to all Arkitekt objects and assign users/groups to Perform redline permission then those users will be able to redline on Arkitekt drawings.

When upgrading databases to version 3.6.0, new group "System Users" is automatically assigned to Redline permission for all Security Schemes.
This will prevent users from loosing possibility to redline. After that system group can be un-assigned and desired permissions set.

New HOPA paramter "fitmode"

Issue [HDC-2928] - HOPA: Fitmode in HopaGetView4Object

New HOPA parameter is added: FitMode (FM) with 0, 1, 2 possible values.

Print refactoring

Issue [HDC-3115] - General Print Refactoring

Major print refactoring has been done for this version. Printing process should now be more stable, faster and correct in terms of expected printout result.
Performance improvements are best seen on multi-page printouts. Still in future versions we plan to improve print speed a bit more.

Within this task, many print and hopa bugs were fixed as well.

Select multiple values from filter list

Issue [HDC-3159] - Select multiple values from filter list

It is now possible to select more than one filter from activated presentation.

Selected filters will be visible on a drawing, print preview and on a printout.

Object's location path added to Excel reports

Issue [HDC-2523] - Excel Reports location path

Whenever we export excel report with list of objects, we now add new column "path" that will give a navigation path to this object. This is added to following reports:

Hold tab button to remain on same object tab

Issue [HDC-3158] - Remain on same object tab when switching object in tree

When "Hold tab" button is turned on last user selected class is stored as preferred one.

When "Hold tab" button is active:

When hold is off: tab containing default document will be selected over the last user selected class.

The hold stat is saved in browser local storage (it is persistent on this browser only).

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)


Deprecated WSes removed:

Issue [HDC-3115] - General Print Refactoring

Removed Webservices: 

Unused WSes removed:

New Webservices: