New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.4.0

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Change user's authentication provider

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2162] - As an administrator I can change authentication "provider" for selected user.

In Administrator panel open Users menu. Select user and click on Edit button.

Internal option always refers to HDC internal users that store password in HDC database. 

Other entries will indicate that user will be checked and authenticated against external authentication system.

When user's provider is changed, this user, for authentication in HDC, must use password that is correct for newly chosen authentication provider.

If user was created as External type and then one is changed Internal type, this user should use Forgot password functionality to set his password in HDC database via e-mail.

LDAP user will receive proper information that they cannot change password using HDC

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2213] - Change / Forgot Password functionality should not be allowed for External users

Users that authenticate using external authentication system will now be informed that they cannot change their passwords using "Forgot password" functionality.

New import option: Unlink updated objects

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2268] - Links not removed after update of object (Autolink)

New import option is now available: Unlink updated objects

When this option is checked, objects that are matched for update (during import) will have all existing links to objects deleted first. New links will be created as listed in the import package.

If this option is unchecked, all existing links will remain in place and if new links are found in the package, they will be added as additional ones.

(warning) Be careful when using this option for manually managed objects - all additional links added by the user will be removed.  Links present in the import package will be used as "master" data. 

Unified presentation of content type

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2271] - Unified presentation of content type in HDC GUI

A new column in the Grid View illustrates if there is any content associated with a given object.  Icon of objects in Tree View is also changed if a content is present.

Content type represented by icons:

Adaptive menus on Grid and Viewer

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2253] - Grid view menu should be more compact

Grid View and Viewer toolbars will now adapt to window size. Some groups of buttons may be reduced into dropdown menu if window width is to small to show all buttons, others will only change size.

Full size viewer toolbar:

If screen is not width enough then toolbar will change to save space:

The minimum and optimal screen resolution:



(Tree View auto collapse)


Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)