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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 4.0.0

User related changes

Option in filter legend panel to select polygons on drawing for selected filter values.

Issue [HDC-3522] - Option in filter legend panel to select polygons on drawing for selected filter values.

When applying presentation, after selection of one or more filters, new button Select spots by filter will be active. 

After its clicked, all polygons that are part of this filter will get selected.

Selection is kept when entering Edit mode so editing operations are possible.

New modes for object properties

Issue [HDC-3517] - Option to completely turn of showing linked object properties

Object properties can be shown for a linked object on the drawing. Now three options on when these are shown are available:

  • on hover 
  • on click
  • off

These settings can be changed directly in the Viewer settings pane visible below:

This setting is available per user. 

In all modes, including "off" mode, a user can right click on an element. A context menu is shown and if there is an object linked, and object Info button is activated.

Default value for this setting can be changed by an administrator in General section of System Settings. 

Map drawings are now printable

Issue [HDC-1708] - Cannot get correct printout of map drawing

Fixed a bug that prevented of printing maps drawing.

Printing a map depends on connection with map services so it may took a bit longer time to finish.

Batch printing and HOPA will respect hidden layer settings

Issue [HDC-3511] - Batchprint does not respect hidden layer settings

When printing documents using batch print, each printed document will respect default visibility setting for global or private layer.

This settings will also be applied when using HOPA calls. But please note that HOPA calls will take only default visibility state of global and private layers.
If there is a need to show spots from hidden layer on HOPA call, then parameter LayerName can be used.

Publishing of Draft is now executed as an independent server task

Issue [HDC-3538] - Draft publish to be executed as a background "server task"

In some databases, especially ones with a lot of versions created every day, a publish function might take some time. To avoid user confusion and allow the process to run independently from UI, this function will now be executed as server task.

Once the publish function is started, a process window will be shown and a process state can be observed. User can continue to work and close the window or entire application. 

Advanced search supports grouped "And"/ "Or" conditions

Issue [HDC-3537] - Advanced search should allow grouping of AND, OR conditions

This version introduces a new way of defining search criteria where much more complex queries can be easily built.

To start with a user can define simple query with just one condition:

Additional conditions can be added in the same group and "All conditions" or "Any condition" option can be used:

  • All conditions - all conditions in this group must be satisfied
  • Any condition - any (one or more) conditions in this group must satisfied

At the bottom of search window, there is an option to Add group. Any number of groups can be added with an option to match:

  • All groups
  • Any group

Below is an example of complex query where we search for the following criteria: Find rooms (Rum) where

  • Function is either Kontor or Lager and Area BRA is greater than 30 or...
  • Function is Produktion and Area BRA is grater than 50

Addtional functions for groups

  • Use "X" button at the end of each condition to remove it. Once the last condition from group is removed, a group itself will also be removed.
  • Alternatively "Remove group" button can be used to remove entire group with all conditions

Change Requests: New options to print Change Request content

Issue [HDC-3474] - Change request vectors should be printable

It is now possible to print drawing content (markup) of change request.
This functionality is supported both in Quick Print and Image View (while in Change request mode), or in Print Preview when accessed directly from Change Request mode.

Only currently selected change request content will be printed. First, open desired change request as shown below:

Now choose either Quick Print, Image View or Print Preview. Print Preview mode is shown in the image below:

Activation of Change Request print is confirmed by additional status message:

HOPA parameter

We have also added new parameter for HOPA called changeRequestId (crId) that allows to get printout with one selected Change Request.

Change Requests: Possibility to view resolved requests

Issue [HDC-3454 ] - View details for resolved change requests

Resolved requests are normally not displayed under document menu - only active requests are shown.

Now there is a possibility to view single request including resolved one. To view resolved request, we need a reference to it that can be found on Dashboard or in notifications.

First select a request in dashboard:

The Go to Request function now will take you to the desired document, it will automatically enter Change Request mode and load the single, selected request.

Please note that after such navigation, Viewer will be in "Single request mode". Other requests will not be visible. Please use "Show all" button to load all active requests. 

Requests listing will also be reset on new document load.

Change Requests: Possibility to view request details on Dashboard

Issue [HDC-3454 ] - View details for resolved change requests

User do not always want to navigate to the document to view Request details like comments or transition history. Now these details are available directly on the dashboard. 

Use the "Info" button to open details panel:

Change Requests: Filter "Change Management" issues by parent object

Issue [HDC-3368] - Change Requests: Search function for "Change Management" issues

When basic filters are not enough a user can now search for Change Requests withing a specified sub-tree. e.g. find request within a building, property or floor.

To activate this additional filter, use the sub-tree icon and select desired "root" object:

Now this widget will display request objects only in this sub-tree. To view all requests, please use "clear" button. 

Search in sub-tree mode performance improvements

Issue [HDC-3298] - Make search in sub-tree faster

We have vastly improved speed of all searches done in all sub-tree modes. 

Due to generic functionality of perspectives that can be freely defined in HDC database, such operation are complicated and were time consuming to perform. 
The improved performance will also shorten time needed to generate reports from sub-tree search.

Insert Area and Insert Length in Edit mode

Issue [HDC-3489] - Enable Insert Area and Insert Length in Edit mode

Inserting Area and Length values for selected spot has now been added also in Edit mode. 

Please note that, inserted texts will be on layer currently selected in Layer Drop-down and not on layer on which selected spot is on.

More control over "zoom to element"

Issue [HDC-3545] - More control over "zoom to element"

When selecting object with spot link in Grid View a "zoom to element" action is performed when the documents is loaded.

The margin that is used around the spot can now be set in both System Settings and User Settings.

Use smaller percentage value for tighter fit, and bigger value for broader view around spot. Allowed values range from 10 to 500% margin.

Controlling how zoom around spot behaves is also possible through API calls.

Standard API call before had the following paramters:

HD.EmbeddedApi.showObject(<objectId>, <objectClass>, <domain>, <viewPreference>)

Now the last parameter can be either one of these:

  • 2D
  • 3D

Or it can be an Object with additional parameters:

Parameterpossible values
  • "2D"
  • "3D"

Default value: 2D

  • 0 → Zoom and Pan to view
  • 1 → Pan only (move into view center)

Default value: 0


Fit margin given as values between 0.1 (corresponds to 10%) and 5.0 (corresponds to 500%)

If this parameter is not given a user parameter or system parameter is used.

Only applicable when fitMode "0" is used.

Default value is 50% margin.

Sample objects:

HD.EmbeddedApi.showObject(1234, 8, 512, "2D");
HD.EmbeddedApi.showObject(1234, 8, null, {mode: "2D", fitMode: 0, fitMargin: 0.8});
HD.EmbeddedApi.showObject(1234, 8, 512, {mode: "2D", fitMode: 1});

Data Exchange related changes

Remove surplus objects option added to IFC imports

Issue [HDC-3459] - option "remove surplus objects" should also exist for IFC imports

When importing IFC file to HDC, option to Remove surplus object has been added to import window. 

Administrative related changes

Increased run speed of plugins

Issue [HDC-3429] - FMA 3.8, severe increase in ObjectData import time after upgrade

Custom (smart) fields plugins like Text Compounder should now work faster. 
This applies when plugin is run from Tree (subtree or not) or triggered automatically after import.

Set symbols at a specific size relative to drawing

Issue [HDC-3515] - Set symbols at a specific size relative to drawing

When symbols are added to drawing at run-time, their size can either be fixed or not:

  • when fixed size is used, a symbol will always be the same size on the screen, but will be changed in relation to drawing elements
  • when non-fixed symbol is used, its size on screen is determined depending on zoom size.
    • when zoomed in, it will be small in relation to drawing elements
    • when zoomed out, it will be large in relation to drawing elements

Now it is possible to define for each symbol width and height. Alternatively, common values might be defined in options section.

With fixedSize, width and height determine size in pixels, default taken from iconInfo, later multiplied by sizePercentage.

With floating size, width and height declare size of symbol in drawing units or in declared units, default taken from iconInfo.

Actual icon is fit onto desired size if icon proportions are different than required spot.

Sample symbol definition:

var symbols = {       
      options: {
            domain: "523",        
            objectClass: "fi2space",
            iconId: "1927",    
            fixedSize: false

      objects: [{        
            id: "f2ed40e1-f94c-4ec3-9fe8-6787a75e54e9",
            label: 'Room 01',
            iconId: "1927",
            fixedSize: false,
            width: '150cm',
            height: '150cm'

Import&export of dictionary values via Excel file

Issue [HDC-3453] - Import/export of dictionary values in GUI via Excel

Additional option to export and import dictionaries has been added (in addition to existing one to json or xml formats)
It allows to export and import all or one selected dictionary to/from excel sheet. This can be done from Administration panel\Dictionaries.

To receive correct format of excel sheet for importing, please first export dictionaries and use created sheet as a template.

When Importing, there is an option to "skip matched" dictionaries (matching is done based on dictionary name). If checked then only new dictionaries will be imported.
If the option is turned off then dictionaries Keys/values in database will be replaced by the ones in excel sheet.

Each dictionary will be listed on separate tab of excel sheet.

When modifying excel sheet manually for importing it to HDC, only Dictionary NamecomponentId and Value columns have to be filled but Dictionary ID and Seq should not be removed.

When import is done then the summary window will open

Please remember that dictionaries are being versioned. That means modifying dictionaries on strict version is not possible (using of draft is needed).
Also modifying dictionary that was already changed in some unpublished draft on newer version of system will lead to an error.

Security audit for user actions

Issue [HDC-3491] - Security audit for user

Specific actions that manages security permissions for users are now being reported in Administration panel.
Each entry row will consists of following columns:

  • Operation type - name of the operation performed,
  • Administrator Full Name - full name of admin user who performed given action,
  • User Full Name - full name of user that the action affects,
  • Description - text description of what has been changed for given user
  • Date and Time - date and time when the change has been done

Each row is also expandable, showing additional information about activity:

  • administration username and email that performed the action,
  • username and email of user that the action affects,
  • Country, Region and IP - GeoIP information if possible of administrator who performed acion
  • User Agent - additional info of Administrator system.

List of user activities that will be reported in Administrative Activity tab:

1changed user name
2changed user full name
3changed user description
4changed user email
5changed user provider
6enabled user
7disabled user
8deleted user
9assigned user to group
10removed user from group
11assigned user to role
12removed user from role
13assigned user to permission in security scheme
14unassigned user from permission in security scheme
15assigned user to FLS
16unassigned user from FLS
17added user

Administrator using Activity log can narrow list of activities by selecting User. List will show actions related to selected user.

Some additional features will be implemented for next version:

  • groups handling,
  • additional filtering possibilities (by date and operation type),
  • retention policy,
  • possibly adding new operation types if needed.

New column 'User creation date'  in User panel

Issue [HDC-3490] - User creation date should be saved in the system and presented on the admin panel

New column "Creation Date" was added in Admin panel: Users&Groups\Users window.

Version management: Revert published version to Draft

Issue [HDC-3486] - Revert published version to Draft

There are cases where there are problems discovered after data from Draft was published to Master archive.

Data created in Draft should be always reviewed for consistency before publishing.

In case of a mistake a wrong data being published to Master archive, now there is a possibility to revert such publish. 

The revert can only be made by users with Advanced Archive Manager role. For a publish to be reverted some prerequisites must be met:

  1. There can be no Drafts in the system that are derived from the version that is going to be reverted. 
    1. This also applies to versions published after selected version.
    2. To check for this situation, there is a dedicated function Show related Drafts, available from new Advanced context menu.
    3. Administrator should take action if some drafts are found. They can be either discarded or published before revert.
  2. Version selected for revert or later versions cannot be used as system default.
    1. To resolve this situation, please set a new default version that is published before version selected for revert.

Revert version

Function to revert selected version to Draft is available in Advanced function set in Version Manager:

When used, this version (and all versions after that one) will be removed from Master archive and will be moved back to single Draft.

From there is can be decided what to do with it next. It can be modified, a new import can be made into it or it can be discarded altogether replaced by a new data. 

Show related Drafts

Function to check for specific version (or later versions) related drafts is available under Advanced function set in Version Manager

Use specific spot highlight tool per viewport

Issue [HDC-3563] - Set spot color for different views in template via HOPA url parameter

By default, there is one global highlight tool used for all HOPA calls that is also used to highlight spots in print viewports.
Now, in addition to this setting a specific tool can be used in each viewport in every template. In System administration → Printing - Templates, select a template and then select a viewport to reveal viewport settings panel:

Select a specific tool, using Tool picker or clear the value to use default highlight tool defined in System Settings. This setting will take effect in all print modes that use this template.

HOPA parameter

Setting specific highlight tool (that overwrites any setting done in print template editor or default tool) is also possible when using HOPA calls. New parameter toolsetid (short: TSI) will assign toolset to specific viewport. Use ID suffix to choose viewport, e.g. to assign toolset to third viewport, use TSI3 parameter. Value of this parameter is ID of a toolset.

Object Print templates - Use extended context objects is optional

Issue [HDC-3116] - Add Context Object (cobjs) param as an option added to hopa calls

Object Print / Quick Print available in GridView is using special templates defined in system administration panel. These templates provide an option "Use extended context objects".

Depending on this option, each call will have context object list added during execution. This can be used to have finer control over a result. In some databases a context object selected in the Tree View is not the one that we want to use.

In that case, disable this option and the object will not be sent. If macros are configured properly, their perspective will be used find correct context object starting from document.

Block upload of corrupted files that have invalid file extensions

Issue [HDC-3485] - Block upload of corrupted files that have invalid file extensions

This is a security change.
HDC application will detect mime-type of any file that is being uploaded and when it does not match it's file extension it will block it from being uploaded to the system.

New System Setting "Available output formats" (for report generation)

Issue [HDC-3457] - Possibility to configure which report formats should be present in UI.

New setting Available output formats has been added to System Settings\General tab\Report Templates section 

It allows to control what type of reports are available for users to generate from all places where report can be generated.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-1708] - Cannot get correct printout of map drawing
    • [HDC-3487] - Strange HOPA view - Mask Mode problem
    • [HDC-3497] - Different font at printout
    • [HDC-3499] - Problem with import of configuration (presentations and toolsets)
    • [HDC-3503] - Large number of "brush" elements are created in the drawing
    • [HDC-3520] - Client viewer bugs
    • [HDC-3521] - Printing text with length problem
    • [HDC-3523] - External filter from Faciliate will not print
    • [HDC-3524] - Post it note file conversion problems
    • [HDC-3533] - System Update pop up window should relay only on 3 first digits
    • [HDC-3542] - Object print, scale should be better
    • [HDC-3550] - Changing styling of print template ruler texts
    • [HDC-3591] - Vector snap crashes edit mode

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-3454] - View details for resolved change requests

    Returns list with one request on drawing (given by id in URL)


    Returns filtered (by state) list of requests on given drawing. Filter property has to be, of course, encoded.

    /api/changerequest/json/{drawingId}?filter=[{"property":"states","value":[list of state ids]}]

    Returns list of active (other than resolved) requests on given drawing


    Returns geometry for all active requests on given drawing 


    Returns geometry for given request on given drawing 


    Returns geometry for filtered requests on given drawing

    /api/changerequest/json/{drawingId}?filter=[{"property":"states","value":[list of state ids]}]
  • Issue [HDC-3538] - Draft publish to be executed as a background "server task"

    POST /av/admin/publish/{alternativeId} 

    New query param async (default falseis added to turn ON asynchronous publish (done as a background task).


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