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System Permissions Scheme (roles) is intended for setting global permissions not related to specific object or field.


HyperDoc Users

Users (or groups) that can login to HyperDoc system.

Users listed here count towards license user limit.

HyperDoc Administrator

Users listed here have access to Administration Panel and functions for administering.

  • Users, Groups and Roles
  • Dictionaries
  • Field Validators
  • Icons
  • Report Templates and Custom Reports
  • Presentations (all windows)
  • Printing (all)
  • Text macros
  • Drawings (Layer to Object mapping)
  • Map Data Sources
  • Quick Search
  • System settings (General, Print, HOPA, QuickPrin,Labels)
HyperDoc System Administrator

Access to low level administration functions:

  • Configuration Schemes
  • Notification Schemes
  • Translations
  • Layout Manager
  • Object Classes configuration and Class Fields
  • Perspectives
  • Data Processing
  • Export/Import Config
  • System: 
    • System Info, Running Processes, LDAP, Translation Support, DataBase Info
    • System settings (Raster Service, TDXM, File Repository)
HyperDoc Security Administrator

Access to Security Settings

  • Security (Security Schemes, FLS, System Security) (Right now only Object Security)
  • Drawings (Global layers)
  • System Settings (Versioning, Security)
  • LOG
Archive Manager
Basic Archive Manager
  • Access to Archive Manager Panel
  • View history of published versions
  • View list of owned and shared drafts
  • Create and manage new drafts from selected published version,
  • Share owned drafts with other users or groups
  • Change version to one of published, owned or shared drafts

Advanced Archive Manager

Access and administer versions using advanced version manager panel.

  • Publish draft to Master Archive
  • Set System Default version
  • Administer over all drafts in system (this requires additionally HyperDoc Administrator role)
Tessel Data Exchange Manager (TDXM)
Data Exchange Manager

Access Tessel Data Exchange Manager for bulk import/export operations:

  • Change Import/Export settings in all categories
  • Manage External Information Domains: create object mapping structures
  • Perform Import, schedule tasks
  • Manage Tessel Object Identity System (TOBIS)
Change Request (functionality requires additional activation)
Change Reporter
  • Creating new change requests
  • Managing (according to CR state) owned requests
Change Manager
  • Managing all change requests in the system

In future releases we plan to restrict access to Users panel (users,groups and roles) with additional restrictions.


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