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Various diagnostic reports can be accessed through System Diagnostics Reports panel. This panel contains diagnostic functions that return objects matching specific parameters. 

Some of the reports can be parametrized to meet specific needs..

As this is primarily intended as a diagnostic function, it needs low level access to objects. Reports will include all objects regardless of their security settings.
As a result, this functionality has high security requirements. A user that would like to execute this function, must have Administrator and a Security Administrator roles!


Parameters list depend on the report type selected.
Please read the instructions in the info box, to understand what the parameters are intended for. 

When ready, select Run Filter button. The results are always presented in the same form. To see more properties of listed object, select specific row form the report list.
You can also use the "eye" icon to view the object, but it will not work in case of disconnected objects. 

Show links function can be used to examine the object details. It can be useful in the following scenarios:

  • check where the object is linked to
  • re-link disconnected objects
  • check spot link

Please also note that function Show links inside System Diagnostic window work same as in other places of system so security rights to objects will apply.
This may result in situation when for exmaple: you have found object with 3 or more spots but when checking links you will not see them as your user does not have needed permissions.

Disconnected Objects

Disconnected Objects filter looks for objects that do not have path to root object in any of the defined perspectives. Only the topmost objects will be returned.

Objects without Spots

For a selected object class, find all objects that do not have any spots linked

Required parameter: Object class.

Objects with Multiple Spots

Find objects of given class, that have more than given number of spots on single document and layer (search is done in current version).

Required parameter: Object class and number of spots.

Access through API

Results of the report can also be accessed via API by using the following API call:


Replace the {report_name} with one of the following values:

  • Disconnected Objects
    • Report name: disconnected
    • Query Parameters: none
  • Objects without Spots
    • Report name: withoutspots
    • Query Parameters: 
      • classId (number)
  • Objects with Multiple Spots
    • Report name: withmultiplespots
    • Query Parameters: 
      • classId (number)
      • spotsNum (number)

Example call:


Sample Result:


      } ]
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