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Most of our customers use HDC FM (FM Access) in SaaS model. The service offers trouble-free access to the latest software in the cloud.

This site provides all the vital information about our cloud service. Please note that we cannot present all information due to security restrictions.

In case you have any additional questions, please contact us directly. 

Benefits of SaaS

SaaS solutions offer the shortest time to benefit, as your service is already prepared for use. The configuration for the storage system, database, application servers, SSL certificates and all the other components are all tested and verified for production use.

Our SLA agreement ensures availability and short initial response time for critical support requests. In our current model, your SaaS service will be operated on a dedicated application server that is not shared with other users.

What's more, there are dedicated engineers that monitor your service for any potential issues and make sure it works smoothly. 

Other benefits include

  • SaaS solution is maintained by the same company that develops the software.
  • You don’t have to maintain or rent your own data center, buy hardware or hire your own staff for maintenance
  • You can always use the latest version of the platform and you don’t have to worry about an update or data migration
  • It’s more eco-friendly. One issue that is often forgotten is the energy efficiency factor behind shared cloud solution. An on-premises solution is likely to consume much greater volumes of energy.

Data Center

Your data will be kept on fault-tolerant, professional grade servers operated by us, so the high performance and resource availability is guaranteed.

Our servers are located within high security premises with both electronic and physical protective measures. Our collocation center provides fire and power outage protection.

Every part of the equipment is N+1 (or N2) redundant and that includes network, firewalls, switches, servers, storage systems, power supplies and more.

Find out more facts about our data center here: (info) Data Center Information

Data Backups

Server cluster itself provides good protection against data loss through its high availability and redundancy features.

Should anything bad happen like a natural disaster or human error, your data will be backed up daily to a remote location and stored on an encrypted storage device.

Read more about how we handle data backups here: (info) Data Backups

Disaster Recovery Procedures

Disaster recovery procedures are like a war plan, that you hope will never be used. But they must be in place and the involved personnel must undergo "emergency drills" to make sure they will actually work when there is a need.

No matter what the original cause - fire, human error, software error or hardware malfunction they can all lead to potential data loss and disruption in service.

Disaster recovery procedures will make sure that we can safely recover from any situation, restoring the service and customer data. 

Read more about (info) Disaster Recovery

Server, Network and Application Security

General overview of application and network security can be found in the following sections

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