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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 4.7.0

Table of Contents

User related changes

Notes on drawing - report and print

Issue [HDC-4346]

Printing notes 

When notes (see Notes with text and images) are added to the drawing and contain some text / images, they can be exported as a PDF report. 

Only images that are visible as thumbnails will be included in the report. Other attachments like PDF, Word or text will not be processed. 

Image below shows notes with image attachments:

In order to see notes on the print preview and to get a report for all notes on the drawing, please enable "Notes" option:

In the actual PDF, each note is replaced by a symbol with number. These numbers are then referred in a report to table that lists all notes.

A Note text and all images are listed in the table:

Report configuration

Reports are generated by suing a system template. System administrator can add a additional custom template under:

Administration → Reports → Report Templates

Template requirements:

  • DOCX format
  • contains single table with 3 columns:
    • Column 1: used for note sequence number
    • Column 2: used for note text
    • Column 3: used for note images
  • Table should have two rows:
    • Row 1: used as header row
    • Row 2: used as content rows

Only one template can be used. If more templates of this type are uploaded, only the first one will be used. 

New HOPA parameter was added so that calls can show Notes and their report. Parameter name is WithNotes (WN) that takes values 1 or 0.
If set to 1 than the printout will also mark all Notes (visible to hopa user) on a drawing and will create additional pages (for PDF output only) with a detailed report of each note.

Show objects as symbols (icons) on drawing

Issue [HDC-4350]


This functionality can be used to display any object as symbol (icon) inside of a spot (polygon) representing it's owner.

For example, equipment contained in a room can be show as symbols in that Room polygon on drawing:

All symbols are distributed automatically. Symbols can be dragged and dropped to other "owner". 


When properly configured, objects as symbols can be activated under document menu - "Show child objects".

Internal symbols behave similar to spots, when left clicked - object properties will be shown:

(note: auto object properties must be enabled)

When right clicked, a symbol context menu is shown:

Symbol selection

Symbols are located on a specific layer. It might be the case that symbols end up on a layer that is hidden blow another layer.

In that case, they will not be selectable. Please disable other layers in order to access symbols.

Layer used for symbols is selected using the same rules as for presentation filters (system preferred layer is used or first visible layer).

Change object location

Object location (and original object links) can be changed by drag and drop of the icon/symbol.

Turn off popup properties so they do not interfere with this process. Make sure you are working in a Read Write version and that you have permissions to all objects involved. 

Select a symbol and start dragging. The source object will be highlighted in blue:

When object is dragged to a new owner - the source object (spot) is highlighted in red and new, destination object is highlighted in green. 

Drop the object to complete the move. 

Display location of object by its owner

Objects that have spots linked (a polygon representing that object) will be shown by locating their corresponding drawing. 

What about equipment that is in those rooms? Now it's possible to to show these objects on drawings as well, based on the location of their parent "owner" object like room. 

The decision on how to locate these objects is made based on Content for object perspective that can be set in system settings. 

(warning) For full description including Configuration options, please visit this page: Display objects as symbols

Dismiss Activity events from dashboard

Issue [HDC-4041]

New options to dismiss event notifications visible in the user dashboard are available: 

  • Option to dismiss single entry by suing a trash icon located on the event row
  • Option to dismiss all events after specific date, e.g. older than 1 day (all event types are being removed regardless of event types chosen by users)

For Event cleanup function a user can select a value between 1 and 999 and select one of range options:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • year

An event will remain in the system as long as there is at  least one user assigned to it that did not dismiss it. 

Retention Policy

A Retention Policy and automatic process of events clean-up has been added that will manage handling too big number of events. 
The settings are present in Admin Panel/System/System Settings/Security tab

Be default the policy is set to clean-up events older than 180 days if their number exceed 10 thousands entries.
This can be adjusted if needed same way as other polices.

Print Preview - editable text macros

Issue [HDC-4096]  Print Preview - Edit Print Template "active" text elements

Users can now define editable text place-holders for print templates. This functionality is available as a text macro called "Template".

Values can be filled in at a print preview stage.

Values are not persistent in any way and are only sued in single print session. 

Preparing a Print Template with editable elements

In Template Editor, during defining new text, activate Macro checkbox and choose Template as macro type.
Text content will become displayed as [Template], but in contrast to other macro types, it can be edited.

Enter name of custom macro as desired, thus defining hint advising what content is supposed to be entered manually when using this template for printing.

Using a template with editable texts

During Print Preview, texts from print template defined as "template macros" can be selected for editing.

Click (left or right) onto chosen text element to display short form showing text to be filled-in with a hint displayed as filed label.

Alternatively, click "Fill in" button displayed near Print button to show form with all texts in this specific template that can be filled.

This is a convenient function that allows user to fill in all texts in one place, without the need to click individual elements. 

When using print functions without user interaction/assistance like Quick Print, Batch Print or HOPA calls, template macros will be ignored.

Multi Edit available from Advanced Search

Issue [HDC-4348

Multi Edit button was added to Advanced search windows.

It follows the rules of standard multi-edit from Grid toolbar. 

Pleas note that after editing objects from this dialog, metadata values on search result will not be updated. To see change, please click on Search button again.

Select multiple drafts for deletion in Draft list

Issue [HDC-4351

In Archive Manager, archive administrator can now select many drafts in order to delete them with single use of Discard button.

Currently only Discard action is available when more than one draft is selected.

When the button is pressed, a confirmation window will popup.

New HQL operator "not starts with" for use in search queries

Issue [HDC-4078

New HQL operator not starts with was added for use in search queries or grid filters in Text fields.

Full HQL manual can be found here:

HyperDoc Query Language (HQL)

Improvements to Batch print 

Issue [HDC-4373
Issue [HDC-4425
Issue [HDC-4432

Improvement to Batch print from metadata

If Format Metadata field (that decides which Print Template to use) is empty (or not set) then Scale value from metadata will be not used and print will be printed based on selected print template.
This is a requested change in batch print login as there were situations where scale was applied to not prepared template and printout was wrong.

Batch print options also from Object set

Batch print options are also available from Object Set menu

Please note that this dialog is the same one as in Grid toolbar, option chosen here also changes options there and likewise.

Add presentation filter to Batch print options

When printing using Batch Print option, user can choose to apply presentation to all printouts.

If Print only background option is chosen, then the Presentation option will be blocked.

Quick measures tools

Issue [HDC-4028

New set of measurement tools is now available in the Viewer. It can be used to create ad-hoc measurements of distance, area and angle. 

Measurements can be made with vector snap. Measurements are temporary (they are not saved nor printed). 

Measurement toolbar is available in all viewing / editing modes:

Measure distance

Distance can be measured between two points.

Please select Measure - Measure distance option from toolbar and insert two points:

Measure area

Area can be measured by using polygon shape. 

Please select Measure - Measure area option from toolbar and insert desired number of points (minimum of 3):

Measure angle

Angle can be measured between two lines.

Please select Measure - Measure angle option from toolbar and draw base line.

Then move the cursor in order to position second line and measure angle between these lines:

Change Requests related changes

HDC-4335 - Change Management workflow with Target Process, will not send issue until it is started.

Data Exchange changes

Import Reports improvements

Issue [HDC-4423]

We have fixed bugs related to import statistics that made data not always correct or to disappear.
Now the data from time of import finished will be always present in the system and are more detailed. 

Info provided have both raster and attachments file separated. The counting should be more reliable also.

The fixed version will work only for new imports.

XLS Report

Additionally to XML Report that can be downloaded from TDXM, now an .xlsx report will be available for download containing even more detailed information about import result.

Boolean values handling

When importing data to Boolean type of field in HDC, we now accepts four pairs:

  • true/false
  • yes/no
  • on/off
  • 1/0

Other (incorrect) values will be omitted and there will be an error in object log regarding this object.

Please also note that in HDC database, values for boolean fields will be saved only as true or false regardless of what was sent.

Administrative related changes

Separate permission "View Sla Reports" 

Issue [HDC-4408]

New seperate permission for downloading SLA Reports has been added.

User can now be granted permission to see and download SLA Reports without assigning to him general Admins rights.

Set suffix for Dynamic labels to be added when rendered

Issue [HDC-4438]

New detail can be added to DynamicLabel row - a custom suffix can be chosen by administrator.

This suffix will be added next to value for Label Detail (if any). 

Please remember to add space before suffix text if you plan to separate label detail value from suffix.

Set Presentation and Dynamic Labels order

Issue [HDC-4243]

Administrators can now set sequence of both Presentations and Dynamic Labels for each set. 

First the sequence must be applied (all rows should have numbers assigned, then use the Save button).

This order will be fallowed in main Interface in both Presentation list and Dynamic Labels list.

Administrators should keep users assigned only to one Presentation Set.
If users have been assigned to more than one set (due to direct assign or group assign) it will still get presentations and dynamic labels from only from one set. This behaviour is required so that sequence functionality work.
In such case users will get presentations and labels only from latest created presentation set.

System diagnostics report just for selected subtree(s)

Issue [HDC-4021]

For System Diagnostic tools: Object without Spots and Objects with Multiple Spots there is added possibility to choose one or more subtree on which this search will be run.

Selecting subtree to work with is done by choosing Context Objects dropdown.

Rule Based field value plugin

Issue [HDC-4027]

New Custom Field type of plugin has been added called Rule based field.

When configured, chosen class field will be given desired value if a HQL condition is met.

First add in Custom Fields panel new entry and choose Resolver: Rule based field.

Then in a panel for Rule based field settings add HQL condition and a value that will be added to selected field when condition is met.

Please note that there is no validation of value given with destination field type - if data is mismatched (ex. text put into numeric fields) than nothing will happen.

Of course there can be more than one rule per field:

Rule based fields can be set to be triggered on object modified and Import Finished events. 

Running plugin on demand can be done in single object or subtree mode, same as other custom fields.

New HOPA parameter template4dfs0

Issue [HDC-4373

New HOPA parameter template4dfs0 (dfs0tidcan be used now. 

It can be used to apply alternative print template to HOPA printout if it turns out that there is no spot link for requested object (DFS=0). 
So if we have such HOPA call:


and there is no spot linked to object 20567 then Print Template of ID=62 will be used instead of ID=31 as the call will fall back to DFS=0 param. 

HOPA to be used with multiple Field Values

Issue [HDC-4373

When using ClassName/ClassId locators (with or without external domain), multiple Field values can be given to HOPA call, separated with comma.

ObjectID or HQL locator does not support multiple values yet.

If provided objects are on same drawing, all will be highlighted on single page.
If used with MV=1 additional pages will appear if objects are on different drawings and/or if objects have multiple links to different drawings as usual.


Data for macros will show data only for first given object.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • HDC-4335 - Change Management workflow with Target Process, do not send issue until it is started.
  • [HDC-4085] - SVG Icon processing - Local URL references fail when used in icons
  • [HDC-4364] - Security log does not contain Provider Changed entries
  • [HDC-4365] - Error when saving object history
  • [HDC-4366] - HOPA error after upgrade to 4.6.1 0 - icon problems ?
  • [HDC-4368] - Application not loading when userSystemLogoWidth is null
  • [HDC-4417] - Dynamic labels convert text field value to number value?
  • [HDC-4426] - No Style separation between viewer instances.
  • [HDC-4474] - Changing Draft name (if it was opened before) is not visible until draft is published/cleared cache

Important API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-4423] - Store context versionid with import jobs

    Removed Webservice: 

    GET /api/tdxm/import/statistics/

    Statistics were now moved to general import webservice with more detailed info:

    GET /api/tdxm/import/logs/json

  • Issue [HDC-4459] - Objects Modified pageable WS

    (for more info please see apidcos)

    Added new Webservice: 

    POST /object/lastmodified

    Get last modified time for objects in current version. Sample payload:


    Added new Webservice: 

    POST /object/modifiedintimeframe

    Get objects modified in given timeframe of specified classes - only in master version.

    {"classes": [107, 108, 113], "from" : "2023-02-09T10:41:50.320476Z", "to": "2023-02-09T14:02:48.320599Z"}

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