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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 4.5.0

Table of Contents

User related changes

"With subtree" mode for GridView

Issue [HDC-3882

By default, when a single object is selected in the TreeView, linked objects (e.g. documents) are displayed in the GridView. You can also select multiple objects to see objects linked to all of the selected ones. 

Sometimes there is a need to check all documents (or other objects) in the entire subtree. This can be done by using Select Subtree function, but now a more efficient way is available.

In GridView you can select "Subtree" mode. When this mode is activated, you will see objects linked to all objects in the subtree. This mode is available only for single parent object selected. 

When more objects are selected, this mode is automatically disabled. 

A view in normal mode, where only objects linked to selected one are displayed:

A view with subtree mode activated, where objects linked to every object in subtree are shown:

(warning) Subtree selection is made by using the same perspective as currently selected in the TreeView. 

All object classes will be shown in the Grid, not limited to current perspective allowance for the selected object. 

Pointcloud Viewer

Issue [HDC-3854

Pointcloud viewer functionality is provided as an integration with Navvis Ivion viewer. To use this functionality and additional account is required at Navvis Ivion system. 

The integration works for objects that have world coordinates present in database. The coordinates of each objects are looked up in Navvis system to locate site and nearest scan position. 

To find out more on how to import spatial data and how to work with pointcloud viewer, please visit: Working with spatial data (geo location)


Import of object location data

Objects can store optional location coordinates. These coordinates can be delivered during import and later on used in various scenarios like display on a map, proximity search or pointcloud naviagtion. 

System provides translation mechanism that allows to provide the coordinates in any valid Spatial reference system. The data can be then fetched in the same or any other reference system.

Coordinates can be mapped in a external domain configuration. Import profile includes information about SRID to be used for reading and interpreting location information. For more information, please refer to Working with spatial data (geo location)

Select format and print template at batch print

Issue [HDC-4020

New functionality that allows a user to select a specific print template to be used for Batch Print.

The Print button includes a drop-down menu for selecting paper format, orientation and template. This setting is saved as a user specific parameter and will be also used for batch print from object set. 

By using "Reset to default" button a user assigned system default template will be set. 

Create geometry from inserted length value

Issue [HDC-3791

A new function for entering shape coordinates and values like length, width o radius during draw. A combination of mouse and keyboard input can be used during draw operation.

When you enter Edit or Redlining mode, additional toolbar is displayed just below main Document View toolbar. It is activated after initiating drawing action by one of Draw buttons:

A selected shape type and available drawing step is displayed. Following two numerical fields display values concerned with successive drawing action being performed.

For most actions, they present x and y coordinate of point being entered. However, when defining second corner of the

  • rectangle: its width and height is presented
  • circle: its radius and its angle is displayed
  • ellipse: length of semi-diagonal and its angle is displayed

These values can be used for informative purposes showing relevant values when performing drawing action. However, one can focus on chosen field and write desired values numerically.

With numerical values being focused, they are "frozen", i.e. they stop follow mouse position changes. You may enter numerical values as desired.

To apply numerical values entered, click on Accept button or press Enter key on the keyboard. Desired values are applied to shape being drawn and drawing action continues in nest step if applicable.

To resign from values entered and allow for mouse position being honored again, click on Cancel button or press Esc key on the keyboard.

Have in mind that Enter or Esc key work in this way only when focus is on numerical input bar. When focus is on drawing view, Enter finishes whole drawing action and Esc cancels it at all.

Reset user settings to system defaults

Issue [HDC-1730

A user has an option to reset his or hers parameters to system default. 

Reset parameters by user:

To do that, open User profile from users menu:

A function to reset parameters is available on the bottom toolbar:

A confirmation dialog will be shown. Please select YES to reset the parameters or NO to exit the function. 

Reset parameters by administrator

A system administrator can reset settings for selected users. To do that, open Administration panel, and go to Users/Group - Users section.

Filter and select users for whom you would like to reset the parameters. 

After selection is made, use Reset User Parameters function:

For users currently logged in, that Reset Parameters was done for, to see change they need to re-log.

Data Exchange changes

Display uploaded file name for import packages

Issue [HDC-4023]

When uploading import package, it can be given name displayed in TDXM panel.
As system uploads such package to cloud with random (unique) guid-name (filename), original package (for instances zip) name was lost. 
Now it will be saved in HDC database and present in TDXM Package's list under new column "Upload Name". 

Also Upload name will be visible in Data Exchange Activity log in description for action "source added". 

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • HDC-4165 Reprojection errors for large coordinate values result in misplaced elements
  • HDC-4114 Server does not respect dictionary fields sort order
  • HDC-4148 IFC import - Void area fixes
  • HDC-4161 Unify excel documents output to 'XLSX'
  • HDC-4104 Function to recalculate all spot areas stored in DB
  • HDC-4205 Use best level of tiles for PDF printout
  • HDC-4206 Refactoring of Get Disconnected objects function

  • HDC-4034 Publish that updates objects deleted in the same draft

  • HDC-4220 Remove password policy from HDC Security Settings

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