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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.9.0

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Post-it Notes

Issue [HDC-2993] - Redline type Post-it notes for Drawings

Post-it notes is an entirely new way for simplified adding of photos or other attachments on top of drawing.

This functionality is intended to be used as part of Redline or Change Management. 

For more information on how to use them, please refer to dedicated page: Post-it notes with text and images

Back and Forward buttons to navigate through recently displayed drawings

Issue [HDC-3274] - "Back" function to return to previous viewed drawing

Back and Forward buttons are now available. They allow to go back and forward to previously selected drawings or objects in the Grid View. 

Due to complex navigation patterns that occur in main application window, restoring the state might not always produce ideal results. 

Notes/Limitations of current implementation:

  • Up to 100 navigation steps are stored,
  • state is also stored on automatic navigation e.g. on app start, or show object from API or search,
  • state is stored on user actions that result in a new object being selected in a Grid View,
  • when going back and forward within same drawing (as in InfoScope mode while changing rooms), viewer will reload the drawing each time as a full navigation is performed.

New User setting: Preferred Global layer to be active in Edit mode

Issue [HDC-3379] - User setting: select preferred Global layer to be activated in Edit mode

New parameter Default Edit Layer is available as a system setting. This parameter can be changed by individual users (user change does not affect other users).

Only global layers can be selected, as they are available in all drawings. If a specific user does not have proper privileges to view this layer, this setting will have no effect. 

When entering edit mode in the viewer:

  • Default Edit Layer will be selected in Drawings & Layers toolbar automatically.
  • Information on Drawings & Layers toolbar will not change when spot on different drawing/layer is clicked. 

Information about currently clicked/selected spot can be now seen on status bar display below drawing:

In Edit mode Default Edit Layer will be active until manually changed to different one. This new selection will also be preserved until user enters Edit mode again.

New object can automatically inherit security scheme from parent object

Issue [HDC-3389] - Inherit security scheme from linked "parent" object automatically

Inherit Security Scheme when manually creating new object

New System Settings: Inherit Parent Object's Security Scheme will allow you to choose whether newly created object will inherit Security Scheme from parent object or not. 

If you're creating an object of class for which there is a class specific security scheme then still parent object's security scheme (other then default scheme) will be inherited (if parameter is turned ON).
On the other hand, if your creating and object, and it's parent have assigned class specific security scheme, this scheme will not be inherited as it's specific to class.

Inherit Security Scheme for created object during import

New import option Inherit Parent Object's Security Scheme has been added to Import Dialog. 

For current version, inheritance of Security Schemes during import is only done for flat data structures. In imports with hierarchy, only top level objects (linked directly to context root) will inherit security scheme (other then class specific one).

HOPA: DefObjectClassId param supports viewports suffix

Issue [HDC-3478] - HOPA: DefObjectClassId param should support viewports suffix

HOPA parameter DefObjectClassId introduced in release 3.8.0 will now support viewport suffix so it can be used to control what object class is displayed in viewports other than first one.

Use SVG icons in FM Access

Issue [HDC-3381] - Use svg icons in FM Access

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icons can be uploaded and used just like other type of icons.

The process of adding new icon, using it on the drawing is the same as for all other icon types. 

 SVG icons offer many advantages, e.g.:

  • they scale well to any size without any quality loss
  • the offer sharp look and feel with possible transparency

SVG based icons have an additional settings for default width and height set in pixels (max 512) that is set at the time icon is added.

This value cannot be greater than Max Icon Height and Width parameter value.

Tips on obtaining and using SVG icons

For more information on how to use vector icons, please refer to Vector Icons (SVG) section.

Batch Download content organised in Tree structure

Issue [HDC-3382] - Download files in tree structure

When using Batch Download functionality, the zip file received will have downloaded documents organised into folder structure according to their location in Tree perspective currently selected.

If the file has multiple paths, file will be located in all available paths (duplicated file in export folder).

Batch Print report improvement

Issue [HDC-3384] - Excel content at batch print

Reports for batch print are now created in same way as XLS reports done from Advanced search (one tab per class of object, metadata using labels).
Additional columns that are required in reports from batch print are still present, that is: 

  • contentId
  • fileName
  • tafFileName
  • Error message

BIMeye 3 plugin

Issue [HDC-3157] - Create new data exchange plugin for BIMeye 3 (Asset DB Sync)

New BIMeye plugin that allows integration between FM Access and Faciliate Asset DB has now been implemented. 
For information, please read following Asset DB Sync manual.

Session timeout warning

Issue [HDC-3378] - Session timeout warning

Parameter Session Timeout can be configured by System Administrator (Admin Panel / System / System Settings / General Settings).
It sets life time (in minutes) of session for all users. Each user action refreshes session time back to maximum value so this warning will only be visible after extended idle.

If user is idle for the time specified in the session timeout parameter, a pop-up window will be displayed 5 minutes before session times-out.

Clicking on Extend button (or performing other actions in the system) will extend session for another Session Timeout value.
Clicking on OK will hide the window but the session will not be extended unless user performs any action that loads data from the system.

When the timer ends, session will end and user will be logged out and redirected to login page.

Using checkbox Remember me on login page will automatically refresh session on user action after it timeouts.

With this option a user will never be automatically redirected to login page.

Vector Snap function

Issue [HDC-2662] - Snap function to existing vector elements for vector draw

New Vector Snap functionality is now available to use in all draw modes. 
When moving existing object or drawing a new one, snap will be done to each corner and half of the line's (segment) length.

Default Snap configuration can be controlled in User Profile. If enabled user can also define the "sensitivity" of the snap by defining snap radius (in pixels). 
The bigger value the more radius is searched for possible snap points. 

An individual user settings can be controlled using Tools menu (this change does not affect other users):

Drawing new elements

While creating new shape, text or icons, insertion point will first snap into existing vector.

Depending on what shape is being drawn, shape's edges will also snap.

When Snap is active but no snap points are in range, a blue circle will be displayed around the point that is being edited:

When a snap point is detected, detection circle will turn red, and active (edited) point will "snap" to target:

Moving existing spot

While moving whole spot, snap will be done for point you are dragging - that is the inner circle.

If you resize shape by moving any of the shape's point's, this point will be snapped.

A "diamond" shaped rotation point can also be moved (with Shift key) with snap to any of shapes own snap points or other shapes points. 

TDXM: FI2 v1.3 import tag  fi2messagedate as document metadata

Issue [HDC-3406] - FI2 v1.3 import tag  fi2messagedate as document metadata

When importing FI2 v1.3 package to HDC, value fi2messagedate tag can now be imported to HDC database as metadata for document object.

Sample fi2messageheader that contains fi2messagedate.

        <fi2value_code />
        <fi2value_value />
      <fi2systemidentity />
    <fi2messageversion>Version 1.0 release 1</fi2messageversion>
    <fi2messageid />
    <fi2sessionidentity />

To use fi2messagedate as a document metadata we have to:

  • in External Information Domain configuration (Object Classes tab) add property fi2messagedate to the Document class,
  • map property fi2messagedate to the right field in HDC class (Object Mapping tab).

TDXM: Import Log - new column "Description"

Issue [HDC-3406] - Display info in import log about who started publish in original archive

New column "Description" has been added to Import Log view in TDXM panel. 

Default value for this field is taken from Import Profile's "Description" field if it's not empty.
It can be changed if needed in Import dialog before starting import process.

See the API Changes section for details on using this parameter in scheduled imports.

Multipage legend on printout

Issue [HDC-2761] - Multipage legend on printout

Legend templates will now allow multi-paging. That means if all filters will not fit on first additional legend template page, then additional same page or pages will be added to the PDF printout.

Open server process window on task start

Each time a new server task is started a process window will be opened automatically to indicate the processing has started.

Server processes include tasks like object export, auto linking or other object processing. 

Server Task entries are kept for 3 days. Task older then three days are removed from the list.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

  • [HDC-3321] - Inherit Redline Layer settings from user profile when creating new Redline layer manually
  • [HDC-3291] - Bug in raster print
  • [HDC-3427] - Logging into invalid realm, when multiple sso realms are configured
  • [HDC-3464] - Bug in print out of rotated vectors
  • [HDC-3465] - Strange behavior in printout with active filter
  • [HDC-3472] - Strange vectors in Edge
  • HDC-3069] - Mobile App - Add post-it note with text
  • [HDC-3070] - Mobile App - Add photo to post-it note
  • [HDC-3458] - HDC Mobile, possibility to add Edit vectors and link to object in the app
  • [HDC-3231] - Very weak print in smaller views in print templates
  • [HDC-3342] - Presentations should work properly with more than one secondary object
  • [HDC-3408] - Check data size before writing it to Excel
  • [HDC-3423] - ObjectData import improvements

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-3406] - Display info in import log about who started publish in original archive

    Changed Webservice to start import:

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    New optional param 'description' can be added in payload. If it's not added, and import profile was passed, description from the profile (if exists) will be used. 

    Also if you want to overwrite profile's collections of parameters (like specific classes to unlink and unlink from) with empty collection (that uses all classes in case of unlink function), you must sent with payload empty collection e.g:


  • Issue [HDC-3389] - Inherit security scheme from linked "parent" object automatically

    New import param inheritParentObjectsSecurityScheme (default=false)  can be used in WebService to start import:

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    If set to true, object linked directly to context root object will inherit it security scheme (other than class specific one).

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