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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.8.0

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Issue [HDC-2244] - HDC Accessibility theme and functionality (WCAG 2.0 level AA or 2.1 level AA)

Version 3.8.0 incorporates many changes and improvements as dictated by WCAG 2.1 level A and AA standards for accessibility.

We have introduced new High Contrast Accessibility Theme called AIRA (Accessibility) available for all users that might require it.
This theme offers highest possible contrast as well as special colour selection to make it easier to navigate for users with certain disabilities. 

At the same time all other themes were also improved in terms of accessibility and contrast to meet basic WCAG level AA requirements

For more information, please refer to this article: Accessibility

New Dashboard

Part of Issue [HDC-3280] -  Change Management with workflow

Please refer to Change Management Workflow page.

Change Requests Workflow

Issue [HDC-3280] -  Change Management with workflow

Please refer to Change Management Workflow page.

System update notification for new version

Issue [HDC-1901] - New function: link to HDC version news in manual on login site

When logging in for the first time to a new HDC version a user will be prompted with a 'Welcome' dialog including link to current release notes.

When dismissed, prompt will not be show again until next version is available.

User's login security log

Issue [HDC-3328] - Apply user agent data to activity reports
Issue [HDC-3320] - Excessive login attempts to be treated as event notification

User's successful and failed login activities are now logged and can be monitored both by the user himself or by system administrators. 

To access security log for currently logged in user, open drop-down menu available under Users menu button, and select Security Log

Security Log dialog presents both successful and failed login attempts with some additional information if it is available.

Information available in the log:

  • Login date and Time - recorded time of the user login 
  • User Agent - this is decoded from information passed by the users device. Please not that this information might not be accurate, as it can be altered by a malicious user. 
  • IP - IP address that the login requests originates from. This is always an exact information, although a user might be using a VPN or other techniques used to mask real IP address. 
  • Country/Region - Estimated location of the user that made the login attempt. Please note that this information is based on IP address. If the IP address is obscured by TOR or VPN network, this might not be a true location.
    For SaaS (hosted) customers, IP addresses are resolved by so called GEO IP service provided by HyperHouse Technology AB. 
    NOTE: this service works internally and IP addresses or other data is not processed outside of our data-centre.
    For On-premises customers, an additional GEO IP service must be used to obtain this functionality. 

System Administrators with HyperDoc Security Administrator role can see login reports for all users in the Administration panel under User/Groups section:

Setup GEO IP server

GeoIP server must accept a GET request with IP address as part of the URL:


the {ip} parameter will be filled in automatically. 

for example, a valid template UTR would look like this:{ip}

Four or more failed login attempts for specific and existing user will trigger new notification event called "Excessive login attempts".

As a result an email notification will be sent to the account owner informing of multiple failed login attempts.

Specific notifications for this event can be set using Notifications center. For example, a security group can be set up to receive all notifications about Excessive login attempts. (Read more about Notifications)

Print to image format from print preview

Issue [HDC-3294] - Print to rasterformat from print preview

When printing from Print Preview, there is an option to choose whether to print to PDF or IMAGE (PNG) format.

Only PNG format is available for now and only from Print Preview. If there is a need for more formats this functionality can be extended.

Undo & Redo function for Redline and Overlay vectors

Issue [HDC-3273] - Undo function for Redline and Edit vectors

New buttons Undo and Redo were added to viewer's Document toolbar. 

When refreshing drawing using Reload button, remembered steps are cleared.

Custom categories for icons

Issue [HDC-3275] - Categories for Icons on personal/group level

A user can define any number of categories (or "tags") that can be assigned to icons in the system.

Thanks to that, a quick filtering based on icon category can be done.

Icon categories administration

First step is to define categories in Administration panel, under Manage Icons - Categories section.

This is a dedicated system dictionary that can also be translated to other languages. (see Dictionaries for more information).

Use Add / Edit / Delete buttons to manage category entries. 

Having a number of categories defined, they can be assigned under Icons section. Each icon can have multiple categories assigned.

Use the multi selection drop-down to select desired categories or review existing assignment. To remove a category assignment, use "X" button on the existing list. 

Using categorised icons

A stamp/icon button is available in Draw tools (both for edit and redline modes).

Use the down arrow to show up an icon selection view. 

From the icon selection view, select desired icon or apply category filter, selecting one or more category. 

Icons that have any of the selected category assigned, will be listed. Select an icon from a filtered list and use Select button to confirm

From now on the selected icon is assigned to stamp/icon button. There is no need to re-select the icon,

simply use the button to insert the same icon as many times as needed. Use the arrow button again if the you want to change the icon. 

The selection remains active as long as you remain in the same drawing and mode. 

Legend page linked to specific print template

Issue [HDC-3269] - Legend page linked to specific print template

Print templates can now have directly assigned specific legend template used for presentations on additional pages of printout.
Up till this version, "Legend Template" could be assigned only in general to all template of specific format and orientation. 

In Template panel click on desired print template and then on Edit button. There will be a Legend Template picker there.

Chosen legend template will be added for printouts using editing print templates when presentation is applied.

If print template does not have assigned specific legend template then it will use general legend template assigned to it's format and orientation as before.

Configurable parameters for auto-generated tools (automatic presentations)

Issue [HDC-3226] - Auto-generated filter tools should have zero width border line
Issue [HDC-3293] - Wish for better colour separation in legend

A border thickens and transparency as well as fill transparency can now be controlled using system settings for auto generated tools that are used for presentations. 

New parameter was added to System Settings/General Settings/Drawing section called git Tool For Presentation Filters.
It allows to pick existing toolset which style will be used for applying automatic presentations. 

Only values for stroke width, opacity and fill opacity will be taken from toolset and used in automatic presentation.
Fill color is of course assigned randomly to each matched object.

At the same time, a auto-generation of colors was improved to offer broader selection of distinguishable colors. Good result can be now obtained up to 30 colors, with acceptable results with up to 40.

The system will attempt to generate as many different color as possible, but above 40 tools the differences will be too small to visually differentiate between them. 

Convert rectangle to polygon

Issue [HDC-3334] - Viewer - convert rectangle to polygon

New drawing option was added to convert rectangles to polygons -  available in Edit and Redline modes of viewer.

Polygon is a new entity but will remain it's private style and links of original rectangle.

Manager for long running tasks

Issue [HDC-3324] - Generic handling of LRP

Most requests made by the user that cannot return results immediately, like import, export or batch print, are called Long running task or server tasks.
To unify handling of such tasks we have introduced a Server Tasks list, that can be accessed form a main toolbar. 

User can see a list of all his requested tasks and access result for some of them in one place. 

This window is also available form the administrative panel. When opened there, it will list recent processes requests by all users. 

Please note that not all types of processes have supported action for Get Result button. Currently result can be fetched for: Object Metadata Export (search result exported to file), Batch Print (download zip package), Auto Linking (display report window) and for Group Raster Transformation (display report window).
For Export/Import results go to TDXM panel as usual.

Report exports to file done as a background task

Issue [HDC-3297] - Excel reports should be a long running task

Exporting list of objects to file report (advanced search results, list of objects from Grid or Object Set) sometimes take quite long time based on database size and it's complexity - getting paths to objects is time consuming. 

Because of that, those operations will now be done in background and push notification will be sent to user when file is ready for download. 
After task is done, open Server Tasks window and click on icon under Get result column. 

Auto-linking function with remove surplus links option

Issue [HDC-3288] - Manual start of autolink functions should have options to unlink objects

Optional function called Unlink surplus links was added to Auto-Link operation.

Auto-linking can be done on entire database from Administrator panel or on specific Tree object, from context menu with additional "Subtree" option.

When Unlink surplus links option is checked, all links between mapped Source and Target classes will be removed (from entire database or from selected Objects only depending on options used).

As a result, for all affected objects only new links added via auto-linking operation will be present. Links that do not match Auto-link configuration will remain unaffected.

Please use "Unlink surplus links" option with care when auto-linking entire database.

Convert Attachment to Drawings

Issue [HDC-3234] - Convert Attachment to Drawings

Objects attachments can now be converted to composite drawings. 

Each object with attachment can be selected and function Convert to drawing can be used that will  change attachment to composite drawing. Originally attached file will be used as raster background (if format of this file is an accepted one). Object's metadata will not be changed.

To perform group converting, please add objects to Object Set first and then, click on Transform to drawings button.

When performing group transformation, open Server Tasks window to see new type of process: Group Raster Transformation.
Also converted files will be send to Batch Image Processing process so they can be used as background raster files.

Click on Get Result button to see transformation report:

Attachments of type that cannot be converted to rasters like .docx etc. will be present on transformation report but their content will not be changed.

HQL: New operator "not contains"

Issue [HDC-3281] - Conditional value in import profile, excluding rows

New HQL operator "not contains" has been added. 
It will be available to use in all places where HQL phrases are used, for example: Advanced search, Field validators and Presentation filters.

TDXM: Import Package list returned in pages

Issue [HDC-3438] -  Import Package list should return in pages

Import packages list will now be presented in pages (100 packages per page). This will improve load time on sites that have many packages.

Sorting, searching by name and filtering options will work correctly on all packages.

TDXM: Last import time info on import packages list

Issue [HDC-2904] - As Data Exchange Manager I can inspect import dates for import packages

New column Last import time is now added in TDXM packages list. 

For this new column to be filed with date, package and external domain must have been successfully validated - this is done before actual import starts.
Last import date time will not be updated for cancelled import as well.

TDXM: Show TOBIS field flag in Object Mapping

Issue [HDC-3370] - Show id Mapping flag in tdxm field mappings

New column Id mapping was added in TDXM/EID/Object Mappings/Class Fields Mappings
This column will indicate which field is set as ID Field in Object Identity (TOBIS) tab.

TDXM: NavetHdoc import "del" status and other improvements

Issue [HDC-3229] - NavetHDoc import - need for "del" document status 
Issue [HDC-3232] - Import report improvement, wrong object type
Issue [HDC-3233] - Import report improvement, missing Property value reported

Incoming documents "Del" status

New status for NavetHdoc imported documents was introduced: Removed (Status="del" ). When object from incoming package with such status in Logdoc section is matched via TOBIS in HDC database then the removal procedure will be executed. 

<LogDoc ID="V57.1-00111" ExternalId="extid1" Status="del" DocType="MARK">

This status applies only to objects, not to links statuses. If object has 'del' status, it will be automatically unlinked in current HDC instance.

Number of removed objects during import can be seen on Report tab in Object statistics section.

Object type missing in import domain

Import will finish with status "Finished with Warnings" if one or more imported objects is of type that is missing in External Domain configuration used for import.

If import comes for example with object type "Mark"  and that object type is not present in used import domain then this object will be reported on Unmatched tab with  Message "Object type  missing in import domain".

Import will finish with status "Finished with Warnings" if imported document is missing value for top level (Property) of ObjDocLinks.
Such situation will also be reported on Unmatched tab with Message "Missing value for top level (Property) link" on row with incoming document name.

Sample situation with Value for Property object being empty.

			<Link Status="add">
				<LogDoc ID=""/>
				<DBObject Type="HDV_H1_PROP">
					<ObjectAttr Name="FI2PROP_NAME" Value=""/>

HOPA: new HOPA parameter "Highlight" 0/1

Issue [HDC-3206] - HOPA: new HOPA parameter "Highlight" 0/1

New HOPA parameter Highlight (HLI) with values 0 or was introduced. Default value is 1 - working just as before (highlight is ON when possible).
Value 0 will disable highlight (from DocForSpot mode) in specified viewport. It can of course apply to all viewports or just the ones specified.

Presentation highlight is not affected by this parameter.

Ad-hoc filters for external systems

Issue [HDC-3022] - Visualising data from other system with ad hoc filter (Faciliate)

Via API fetch data for ad hoc filter can be presented in the application (FMA fetch data from Landlord). Ad hoc filter includes filter legend and can be printed to PDF as usual. Primarily for 2D drawings. 

If there is a need such external communication can be adjusted to other systems as well..

  1. Go to Administration->System->System Settings->Other->External Presentations
    you click Add or Edit button dialog form will appear

  2. On the dialog you can set:

    • Username and Password to authenticate in external service,
    • Description - this will be used as suffix for the presentation's name in the presentation's combo,
    • External Information Domain - domain that will be used to match objects from external system and from HDC,
    • Parent Class - class of the object to which the document with the spots is connected,
    • Child Class - class of objects linked to spots,
    • Get queries URL - URL for getting list of queries,
    • Filter URL - URL for getting ad-hoc presentation from external system.

Below there are three examples of possible ways to call/fetch the information:




  • "cadkey" – Common guid/key between systems
  • "queryid" – ID of query from GetPossibleQueries call
  • "calcdate" – optional parameter to specify calculation date, using “today” as default value if omitted.

When properly configured, external filters will be available from HDC Presentation panel:

Infoscope / only for selected objects

Ad-hoc filters to be used on specified layer

Issue [HDC-2563] - Ad-hoc filter should accept layer ID parametr

Ad-hoc filter definition will accept new param "layerName" that will define layer on which presentation will be applied to.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-2678] - Raster ContentID is then changed to original ID
    • [HDC-2809] - When there are no email templates for selected language, email is blank
    • [HDC-2984] - Unable to set raster params at manual upload
    • [HDC-3031] - Damaged default link prevents showing correct list of objects
    • [HDC-3104] - Raster is not show when it was added after previous was deleted
    • [HDC-3181] - Print will fail when legend template contains regular viewport or macros?
    • [HDC-3308] - Rotate cursor is not shown on IE/EDGE
    • [HDC-3319] - Numeric comparator improvements
    • [HDC-3338] - Ad-hoc presentation fails for specific values
    • [HDC-3340] - Failing ifc import in
    • [HDC-3343] - Legend summary owewrites tool label in legend
    • [HDC-3346] - Error in packages, import failed
    • [HDC-3348] - Can't save configuration
    • [HDC-3356] - Drawing ID's must use prefix to prevent conflicts
    • [HDC-3357] - Failed to login when draft is deleted
    • [HDC-3372] - Rulers builder fix
    • [HDC-2336] - Dashboard layout should fit whole browser window on high resolution screens
    • [HDC-3293] - Wish for better color separation in legend
    • [HDC-3306] - Logic for Line break in filter legend
    • [HDC-3317] - Update perspective field when perspective is changed through search
    • [HDC-3327] - Wrong stroke width calculation in HOPA calls
    • [HDC-3341] - Batch print window
    • [HDC-3336] - FI2 import problem with <fi2itemid> tag when same ID is used
    • [HDC-3400] - Issues for use of new change reqest function
    • [HDC-3407] - Preserve spots style on hidden layer in adh hoc presentations
    • [HDC-3396] - Wrong macro behavior when it does not resolve

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

Issue [HDC-3324] - Generic handling of LRP


  • GET ..api/util/longrunning/json/{processId} - allows to inspect single process status (only of current user),
  • GET ..api/util/longrunning/json - get list of all long running processes for current user, optional query param processTypeId to limit to processes of chosen type.


  • GET ..api/admin/util/longrunning/json/{processId} replaces  api/util/longrunning/json/{processId}  - inspect specified process regardless of it's owner (requires Admin role),
  • GET ..api/admin/util/longrunning/json replaces api/util/longrunning/json - get list of all long running processes for all users (requires Admin role),
  • GET ..api/util/longrunning/result/json/{processId} - get result of long running process of current user (limited to only some types of processes like Batch print - download or Autolinking - report),
  • GET ..api/admin/util/longrunning/result/json/{processId} -  get result of any long running process (limited to only some types of processes like Batch print - download or Autolinking - report).


    • ..api/print/batch/processes/**
    • GET ..api/drawing/print/batch/json/{processId}
    • GET ..api/drawing/print/batch/{processId}

Import jobs statuses

Imports statuses were changed from strings (like "Success") to integer values (0,1,2 etc). 

  • Undefined(-1),
  • Started(0),
  • Success(1),
  • InProgress(2),
  • Failed(3),
  • Scheduled(4),
  • FinishedWithErrors(5),
  • FinishedWithWarnings(6),
  • Cancelled(7);

Processes types by ID:

  • Default (0),
  • TdxmImport (1),
  • TdxmExport (2),
  • TdxmExportViaPlugin (3),
  • TdxmImportViaPlugin (4),
  • TdxmImportRasterTiling (5),
  • SingleRasterTiling (6),
  • GroupRasterTiling (7),
  • RasterParamsReset (8),
  • PdfBatchPrint (9),
  • ConvertAttachmentGroup (10),
  • ConvertAttachmentSingle (11),
  • ConvertBackGroundSingle (12),
  • ConvertBackGroundGroup (13),
  • ModifySubTree (14);
  • MetadataReport (16);

Issue [HDC-3022] - Visualising data from other system with ad hoc filter (Faciliate)

  • GET /api/admin/externalpresentations/

    Get list of configurations of external presentations


      "list": [{
        "id": "1",
        "description": "configuration description",
        "parentClass": "parent class name",
        "domainName": "Domain name"
  • GET: /api/admin/externalpresentations/{configId}

    Get configuration for external presentation by its id.


     "id": 1,
     "description": "Description",
     "parentClassLabel": "Parent Class Label",
     "parentClassId": 10,
     "domainId": 1,
     "domainName": "Domain Name",
     "url4GetQuerries": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/getpossiblequeries",
     "url4QueryCall": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/ExecuteQuery?cadkey={GUID}&queryid={queryId}&format=fmaccess"
  • POST /api/admin/externalpresentations/

    Add configuration for external presentation.


     "description": "Description",
     "parentClassLabel": "Parent Class Label",
     "parentClassId": 10,
     "domainId": 1,
     "domainName": "Domain Name",
     "url4GetQuerries": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/getpossiblequeries",
     "url4QueryCall": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/ExecuteQuery?cadkey={GUID}&queryid={queryId}&format=fmaccess"


  • PUT: /api/admin/externalpresentations/

    Update configuration for external presentation.


     "id": 1,
     "description": "Description",
     "parentClassLabel": "Parent Class Label",
     "parentClassId": 10,
     "domainId": 1,
     "domainName": "Domain Name",
     "url4GetQuerries": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/getpossiblequeries",
     "url4QueryCall": "https://host/api/v2/floor/function/ExecuteQuery?cadkey={GUID}&queryid={queryId}&format=fmaccess"
  • DELETE /api/admin/externalpresentations/{configId}
    Delete configuration of external presentation.

Issue [HDC-3297] - Excel reports should be a long running task

  • ..api/search/advanced/objects/105?outputTemplateType={outputtemplateType} - advanced search export, possible types are xls, docs and pdf

  • ..api/perspective/metadata/xls - export tab(s) from grid

  • ..api/perspective/metadata/selected/xls/ - export checked records from grid

  • ..api/object/properties/xls - export xls from object set

Issue [HDC-3438] -  Import Package list should return in pages

  • GET ..api/tdxm/packages/json (total number in response, new query params to support paging and remote filtering/sorting)

Issue [HDC-2904] - As Data Exchange Manager I can inspect import dates for import packages

  • GET ..api/tdxm/packages/json - response send directly in json array, without root property "list", new field lastImportDate

    [{"id":"3","name":"demo2","type":"HDRep","preserve":true,"uploadDate":"2016-02-16T07:39:21Z","lastImportDate":"2016-02-16T09:39:21Z","userFullName":"John Doe", userId: 15},{"id":"6","name":"vasyd","type":"HDRep","preserve":false,"uploadDate":"2016-02-16T07:39:21Z","userFullName":"Ann Doe", userId: 15}] 

  • GET ../api/tdxm/register/json - response send directly in json array, without root property "list"

Issue [HDC-3370] - Show id Mapping flag in tdxm field mappings

  • GET /api/tdxm/config/fieldsrelations/json/{relationId} added new param in response list - idMapping 


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