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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.7.0

Table of Contents

Scale ruler for printouts

Issue [HDC-691] - I can use vector based "scale ruler" on a print template and in View mode

Vector scale ruler can be added to any template in Template Editor

When such template is used for printout, then the vector ruler will be created.
Ruler units will be taken from composite drawing and number of values will depend on ruler width.

In some cases units on can be converted to different ones if using them would result in presenting values like 1000+ or below 1.

Sample rulers generated on the printout page:

Scale ruler was implemented for printouts only. As for now, dynamic rulers on print preview is not supported.

Styling for negative area spots

Issue [HDC-3284] - Negative areas needs to be less visible

We have added a possibility to choose for each customer how spots with negative area should be displayed in viewer and on printouts.
Tool-sets that will change fill color for negative area spots can be assigned for presenting such spots on viewer and on printouts.

Two new system parameters are available, both called Negative Area Tool - one in General Settings and one in Print Settings.
Each of existing tool-sets can be assigned to this parameters.

Stroke parameters of tool-sets will be ignored - only fill color and opacity will be used.

System Diagnostic Reports

Issue [HDC-3155] - Function for administrator to report objects with more then one link to spots on the same layer.

Issue [HDC-3156] - Function for administrator in GUI to report objects of certain object class that do not have link to spot.

Issue [HDC-1114] - I can manage disconnected objects

A set of reports to find specific issues with data, that include disconnected objects (orphaned), objects with or without spots and more. 

For more information, please refer to System Diagnostic Reports page. 

Object location (path) 

Issue [HDC-3025] - Quick search object location information

Information about object location, also refereed to as Path is often required to properly identify objects.

First improvements in this area were made in version 3.6 and now users can take advantage of this functionality in other places that include:

  • Quick search object list
  • Grid View object list
  • Advanced Search results
  • Object reports from the above (available in 3.6)

Due to very dynamic nature of relation between objects, the path is calculated on the fly and takes into account:

  • system version - only links existing in selected version are taken into account
  • object security - only visible objects will be analyzed, as a result path information might vary depending on the user
  • aside from proper objects, system will also fetch metadata needed to display human readable labels

Object location in Grid View:

Object location in Quick Search

Object location for advanced Search (including new Show Links function)

Object Report Templates

Issue [HDC-3147] - Export reports in PDF format

Issue [HDC-3146] - System setting for adding customer logo and name in reports (XLS Templates)

Issue [HDC-3264] - Object Reports in MS Word format

Object reports can be used to export a selected set of objects. Object report can be generated several varieties.

  1. Generic spreadsheet report - can contain multiple sheets one per class

  2. Spreadsheet report based on template - designed for one class and available as MS Excel or Open Document format 

  3. PDF output based on spreadsheet template (Based either on MS Excel or Open Document)

  4. MS Word based on Word template only

Object Reports are available in Search and Grid View.

For more information, please refer to Object Reports & Templates documentation. 


Rotate shape with full angle snap

Issue [HDC-670] - As a user I can rotate shapes with "snap" so that shape is rotated only to full rounded angle values

It is now possible to rotate shapes (single or multiple) and also indicate rotation point.

Rotation can snap to full angles so that is easier to achieve accurate rotation angles like 90 deg.

For more information, please refer to Rotate Shape documentation.

Saved Queries

Issue [HDC-3149] - Save search settings

Advanced searches done can now be saved under chosen name and used later on when needed. They can also be shared with other users. 

Saving search query

In Search window (Custom Query) fill up search conditions and verify results. If you want to save such query then click on Save button.

Name - is not unique so saved searched with same name can be present.
Class - (read only) just informs what class are the objects you're searching for.
HQL - (read only)  searched conditions translated to HQL language that is used by HDC to search through database.

Using Saved Queries

On Search dialog click on Saved Query button and from the dropdown list all the saved searches you own and are shared with you. Select one that you need and hit Search or XLS export.

Chosen query definition in HQL language will be displayed 

Please note that results of same Search Queries can differ per user as results are filtered by user rights and permissions to objects.

Managing Saved Queries

Click on Saved Queries tab in Search dialog to see detailed list of all searches that you own and are shared with you. 
For searches you can perform following actions:

  • delete saved queries,
  • share or unshare with user or group.

This is possible only for searches you have created unless you also posses HyperDoc Administrator role.
Admins can modify saved searches that they do not own. Administrator can also see all existing saved searches by clicking on View all checkbox.

Auto-sum plugin only to run when HQL condition is met

Issue [HDC-3160] - Sum of area depending on area type

Optional field HQL is added to definition of Custom fields plugin Auto Sum.

If this field is filled with HQL condition then operation of auto-sum will be done only if this condition is met.

Condition of HQL expression must address Child class defined in Auto-Sum Field Settings (otherwise the validation will fail).


  1. For temporal icons/symbols, a new fixedSize parameter is available. For more information, refer to Temporal Symbols (Icons)
  2. System ready event subscription for integrated systems is now available, For more information, refer to Events subscriptions
  3. Document Loaded - event available through Embedded API Message controller. More: Integration with 3rd party websites

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

  • [HDC-3286] - icons do not work under IE
  • [HDC-3290] - NPE when trying to export system configuration
  • [HDC-3304] - Problem with Line function in combination with Ortho snap function
  • [HDC-2461] - Proper import of TCD files from HyperDoc databases
  • [HDC-3303] - Inactivated users appear in all "Share" functions.
  • [HDC-3072] - New version of Skyviewer in HDC (3D)

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-3025] - Quick search object location information

    New Webservice:

    GET ../api/object/path/{classId}/{objectId}

    with optional query param targetClassId - if specified will return paths limited to objects of specified class, otherwise return all paths for object.

  • Issue [HDC-3160] - Sum of area depending on area type

    Changed Webservice:

    POST/PUT ../api/admin/eventplugins

    GET ../api/admin/eventplugins/config/json

    handles optional field hql in configuration for AutoSumResolver.

  • Object Report Templates

    Issue [HDC-3147] - Export reports in PDF format

    Issue [HDC-3146] - System setting for adding customer logo and name in reports (XLS Templates)

    Issue [HDC-3264] - Object Reports in MS Word format

    Advanced search:
    Changed Webservice for exporting search results - for outputTemplateType query param options are:
    noTemplate (XLS spreadsheet without template), xls (with template if present), docx (from doc template), pdf (generated from xls).

    POST /api/search/advanced/objects/<obj_classId>?outputTemplateType=noTemplate

    Excel reports from Grid uses outputType query param (xls,docx,pdf)

    POST api/perspective/metadata/xls/<PerspectiveId>?childClassId=<ClassId}&isBatchExport=false&outputType=xls

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