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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.5.0

Table of Contents

New Attachment and Video Viewers

A new version of viewers is now available.

For attachments a new viewer with several improvements is available. It offers improved compatibility for better user experience,
as well as new layout and multi-column thumbnail view.

For video files, a universal video player is now available. The current version does not convert or otherwise process video files,
so a reasonable target resolution should be used. Video playback supports live streaming.

Photographs uploaded as attachments are now presented using a scaled dynamic view for improved user experience.
Large photographs should be uploaded as regular documents (instead of attachments) as this will provide improved loading time of smaller, pre-processed images. 

Manage vector elements (spots) from Composite Drawing Manager

Issue [HDC-801] - I can see a list of spots on a given Layer in CDM in form of a grid so that I can manage them.

Part of Overlay / Vector drawings

A listing of vector elements on a given layer can be access directly from Composite Drawing Manager

An entity can be deleted and linked object can be inspected (zoom to spot will be done).

Extended field validations

Issue [HDC-3026] - Rules for data depending on other field on same object

System administrator is now able to define rules for field validation, including dependent fields where values available in one dictionary are dependent on values selected in a master dictionary field. 

Read more in Field Validation Rules manual.

Move and Scale/Align background drawing

Issue [HDC-2354] - I can re-scale drawing by indicating a known length element

Issue [HDC-2352] - I can move raster insertion point directly on the document

In some cases a background drawing is misaligned or has other problems:

  • it is not aligned with overlay
  • it is not scaled correctly (measurements are off)

These issues can be easily fixed by using Move or Align functions.

Read more in Move and Scale/Align background drawing manual.

Pin function for object properties pop up

Issue [HDC-3125] - Pin function for object properties pop up

Hold button was added to pop-up properties. If pressed, popup properties will be not move/disappear wile working with current drawing.

Automatic line break in long legend texts

Issue [HDC-2920] - Automatic line break in legend texts

Automatic line break in legend texts will be used in Filter side panel, print preview and printouts.

Scheduled publish of Drafts

Issue [HDC-3024] - Scheduled publish of draft

Now a Draft can be automatically published on a given date set by the user. 

For more information please review Auto Publish

Improved HQL language for presentations filters 

Issue HDC-2386 - HQLs languages merge and functionality improvements.
Issue HDC-885 - HQL syntax should be validated when saving of filter is done.
Issue HDC-2026 - Advanced presentation filters with additional conditions.
Issue HDC-885 HQL syntax should be validated when saving of filter is done.

HQL improvements that were added in version 3.4.0 for HOPA are now possible to use in Filters definitions for Presentations.

  • Proper use of all operators and both joiners is now provided.
  • When Filter dialog is being Saved, HQL expression will be validated. If it's not correct Filter cannot be saved.
    For standard presentation only hql syntax will be validated, but for automatic presentation a filter with non-existing class field in classSchema can not be added/edited.
  • Searched values must be wrapped in quotes: "value". Numeric values can be written without quotes if needed.

  • Operator and conditions joiner (and/or) must be written with small letters.
  • and/or joiners - now more "or" / "and" joiners can be used in one hql querry. Also grouping in brackets should work properly.

Examples of HQL by operators:

  • Equals: hd_docdescr = "Italic"

  • In Setfi2space_id in ("000480000900059","000480000900051","000480000900040")

  • Beforehd_docdate before "1990-12-01"

  • Containsfi2space_id contains "48000090004"

  • Starts Withfi2space_descr starts-with "RUM 2"

  • Before and After (date):hd_docdate before "1996-11-05" and hd_docdate after "1996-11-03"

  • In Set and Not In Setfi2space_class in ("02","ÖVA") and fi2space_function not in ("KOMMUNIKATION","03","02","00","PERSONAL","SERVICE","99","TEKNIK","01")

  • Is Emptyfi2space_class is empty
  • Not Less Than and Less Than: fi2space_areabra >= "50" and fi2space_areabra < 100
  • Not equalsfi2space_id != "01"
  • Is Not Emptyhd_docdescr is not empty

Standard Presentations

Definition of filter for Standard presentation is not changed. Only difference are new possibilities of HQL language.

Automatic presentations

For automatic presentation, new option to add optional HQL field can be specified.
If specified, objects will be first filtered by HQL and then grouped by target field, otherwise they will be grouped by target field without filtering.

Example of filter use case: Auto filter Spaces by floor type where Space area > 2sqm
(as a result, only include spaces with area greater then 2sqm in the automatic filter)

New Context menus

There are new context menus for quick access to functions for import packages or drafts:

New Import/Export Types

Issue [ HDC-3095] -  Export improvements

There is a new export / import format introduced, that can be used for transferring data between two HDC hosts (databases).

Its a supplementary format to other standards based formats like Fi2. It was introduced to allow exchanging as much data as possible. 

An export is performed using "internal" domain, maintaining original class and metadata field names. Import to another system is performed using External Domain.

This approach allows for incompatible applications (in terms of configuration differences) to exchange data. 

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

  • HDC-2567 - Getting list of External Information domain requires Hyperdoc System Administrator role
  • HDC-3135 - Excel problem - object mismatch
  • HDC-3134 - Import using context configuration fail
  • HDC-3129 - Empty text imported from HDRep ends import with NPE
  • HDC-3121 - Bug in Edit property/document form, all values on a row can not be deleted
  • HDC-3119 - Attachment converter: HDC cannot handle file extensions that are UPPRECASED.
  • HDC-3064 - Presentation filter will not work when filter searches for dict value that was translated
  • HDC-2939 - Cache is not cleared when Group is assigned to role
  • HDC-3002 -  Trouble deleting documents (layer delete bug)
  • HDC-3137 - Redline layer can not be deleted in strict mode: error "version is locked"
  • HDC-3138 - HopaGetContentView will crash when used with ad-hoc specific filter selection
  • HDC-3143 - Share Redline with Edit rights does not include View rights
  • HDC-3073 - HOPA: More intelligent DFS mode fallback that omits psetId param
  • HDC-2833 - Improvements to export functionality
  • HDC-3123 - Support to SolidModel in IFC import
  • HDC-3136 - Sightseer: hatched areas on drawing become totally black on HOPA raster images
  • HDC-3092 - FI2 import creates incorrect polygons
  • HDC-3196 - Import must first match on perspective
  • HDC-3174 - Fat lines in HOPA print

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-2026] - Advanced presentation filters with additional conditions

    Changed Webservice to Edit and Create new advanced presentation's filter: 

    POST /api/admin/presentation/filters/json/{presentationId}

    Payload changed to handle optional hql querry in advanced presentations - targetField is now mandatory, not hql as it was before.

    POST data:

    {"label":"Test Filter","targetClass":"108","summaryField":"cq_window_area","targetField":"fi2space_areabra","hql":"fi2space_areabra >= 10"}

    Changed Webservice: 

    GET /api/admin/presentation/filters/json/{presentationId}

    For advanced presentations both hql and targetField is returned now.

    When upgrading to 3.5.0 version, filters for automatic presentations will be converted to new format (hql changed to target field) so no action is needed before that.

  • Issue [HDC-3026] - Rules for data depending on other field on same object

    New Webservice to update eventplugins availability for events and field validaton.
    This WS replaces old GET /.api/admin/eventplugins/availability/{pluginName} used before (it's now deleted).

    PUT /api/admin/eventplugins/availability/

    Example of payload:


    Changed Webservice for import start

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    New option applyFieldRules of boolean type is added. Default value is set to false. So it will not affect current imports run by API.
    It is also added to /api/tdxmprofile/{profileId}.

  • Issue [HDC-801] - I can see a list of spots on a given Layer in CDM in form of a grid so that I can manage them.

    Changed webservice to also return linked objects to spots and spot area

    POST /api/drawing/entities/json/{vectorDrawingId}/{layerId}

    Sample response

  • Issue [HDC-3024] - Scheduled publish of draft

    New Webservice to set autopublish time

    PUT api/av/advanced/setpublishdate

    with sample payload



    GET api/av/history/json

    Publishing draft still uses draft's ID but published versionID is based on draft's tipVersionId not draft's ID anymore (draft can have multiply snapshots so latest one is used).

  • Issue [HDC-2567] - Getting list of External Information domain requires "System Administrator" role

    Changes were made to unify required roles for TDXM related operations and remove Administrative role requirement. To achieve this, a number of services had to be removed from administrative scope (/admin). 
    For version 3.5 "old web services" are marked as deprecated but are not removed yet so they still can be used.

    List of changed services is as follows:

    Old serviceNew serviceComments
    • new service added for TDXM scope
    • new service added for TDXM scope

    Service has new response format JSON, listed below in Ad. 1.

    {"list":[{"id":2,"userFullName":"User 1","description":""}]}
    {"list":[{"id":22,"name":"Group C5","description":"Description of group C1"}]}

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