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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.4.0

Table of Contents

New themes (GUI)

Issue [HDC-3036] - Vector-based icons

All icons are now replaced with easier to read, vector-based versions. 

Login with ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) 

Issue [HDC-2040] - ADFS for user authentication in HDC

ADFS is now one of the supported login methods (with other methods that can be used: local user database, Windows Integrated Authentication, and LDAP)

ADFS can be used to achieve SSO functionality for the service running in the cloud. This method also supports user login without password when the user is logged in to Windows (all major browsers are supported)

For more information refer to ADFS / AZURE / SAML Single Sign On

Excel report added to batch print and download zip's files

Issue [HDC-2632] - Download Document - Extended information in excel file
Issue [HDC-2630] - PDF Batch print - advanced report in Excel

When downloading documents (contents) or performing batch print prepared package will also include report file in .xls format.

A report can have up to three tabs (Drawing/ No content/ Attachment) and will consist of the following columns:

  • objectId - downloaded object's ID,
  • classId - downloaded object's class ID,
  • classLabel - downloaded object's class label,
  • objectLabel - downloaded object's label,
  • contentId - ID of composite drawing,
  • fileName - original name or raster drawing that was downloaded in the zip package,
  • tafFileName - TAF file name in zip package corresponding to raster file,
  • error message - error message in case downloading failed.

Showing draft versions in object's history

Issue [HDC-3001] - Showing draft versions in object's history

Object's Info will now show more useful information about object's history:

A dialog shows a list of all version in which change to object was made (created, edited or deleted statuses are possible).
It also indicates whether a change was done in published or draft version.

Improvements to advanced search

Issue [HDC-2334] - Advanced search characters acceptance improvements
Issue [HDC-2885] - More options to handle search results of Advanced search

  • Special characters including white space are now accepted (with exception to double quote " sign)
  • Possibility to search for null values - new operator "is empty".
  • Searching via dictionaries field is improved - using "Not in Set" and "In Set" will work now properly allowing multiple values to be selected.

To list all objects of the chosen class, please simply remove all search conditions and hit the search/export button!

Export search results and object set to excel report.

Search results from Advanced search window can now be exported to excel file. It will take the same format as XLS report from Grid View.

Open Advanced Search window and set your search conditions. After that, click on XLS Export button to get search result as excel file.

Exported results to report file are not based on current search results in Results section but on current search conditions.

Selected object highlight and DFS mode

Issue [HDC-2367] - Printing in Infoscope mode should lead to optional DFS mode
Issue [HDC-2636] - Highlight of object used in InfoScope mode should be persistent


When navigating to drawing from ObjectSet, Search, GridView in InfoScope mode (by an object not by document) the current object highlight will be permanent. 

The highlight behavior will also follow these rules:

  • The highlight will remain in place when printing.
  • Highlight is not available when the presentation filter is turned on.
  • Highlight for mouse over and selection will not cancel selection or infoScope highlight .

Document For Spot (DFS) mode

When quick printing from InfoScope mode, then ViewPort 1 of used the template will gain DFS=1 mode and the printout will be zoomed to spot.
Mask Mode and SMP parameters can also be chosen in Template Editor. 

Please note that those settings will only apply to Viewport 1 for printing from Infoscope mode!

Filter remains loaded when selecting new document/object

Issue [HDC-2900] - Filter remains loaded when selecting new document/object

Selected presentation filter will remain selected (loaded) when changing drawings.

Data exchange with Xpand server

Issue [HDC-2713] - Data exchange with Xpand server

A new Live Data Source plugin has been introduced that enables data exchange with Xpand servers.

Open application with Navigation link by using "search fields" (FN/FV)

Issue [HDC-2943] - Navigate by link - functionality to allow using CN FN FV

A new way to create navigation links by using a specific field name (FN) and field value (FV) parameters. 

The application will be opened on the looked up object automatically. 



Windows authentication fallback for request not from Windows

Issue [HDC-3041] - Windows authentication fallback for the request not from Windows

For customers using Windows Authentication method, fallback to login page have been added when trying to connect via non-Windows device (mobiles).

HOPA: downloaded files take the name from Object label

Issue [HDC-2979] - HOPA: downloaded files should take the name from Object label

Downloaded file now uses context object label as the file name.

HOPA: SMP - Spot Margin Percent with new clipping algorithm and expanded range

Issue [HDC-2600] - Expanded mm selection on HOPA call (SMP - Spot Margin Percent)

Limit for SMP, when MaskMode was ON, is no longer limited to 120 units. New limit is set to 150.

HOPA: Using HQL as search criteria

Issue [HDC-2897] - HOPA using HQL as search criteria

New parameter hql/HQL is added, that allows to locate objects via HQL statements.

Some examples by operator

  • Equals: HopaGetView4Object?CID=118&HQL=hd_docdescr = "Italic"

  • In Set: HopaGetView4Object?PSETID=493&TID=6405&classId=108&HQL=fi2space_id in ("000480000900059","000480000900051","000480000900040")&MV=1&DFS=1&SM=2

  • Before: HopaGetView4Object?CID=118&HQL=hd_docdate before "1990-12-01"

  • Contains: HopaGetView4Object?PSETID=493&TID=6405&classId=108&HQL=fi2space_id contains "48000090004"&DFS=1&MV=1

  • Starts With: HopaGetView4Object?cid=108&HQL=fi2space_descr starts-with "RUM 2"&DFS=1

  • Before and after (date): HopaGetView4Object?CID=118&hql=hd_docdate before "1996-11-05" and hd_docdate after "1996-11-03"

  • In Set and Not In Set: HopaGetView4Object?cid=108&HQL=fi2space_class in ("02","ÖVA") and fi2space_function not in ("KOMMUNIKATION","03","02","00","PERSONAL","SERVICE","99","TEKNIK","01")&DFS=1

  • Searched values must be wrapped in quotes: "value" (in case of In Set operator it looks differently - see example above).
  • Operator and conditions joiner (and/or) must be written with small letters.
  • and/or joiners - only one of them can be used per HOPA call.
  • In the case of multiple results, only the first one is presented by HOPA. If MV=1 is used then only 10 first results are printed (in single PDF file).

To search for fields that have a special character like !@#$%^&, etc. such a phrase must first be URL encoded. There many encoders online.
For instance you can refer to one at

TDXM: Export functionality - improvements

Issue [HDC-2833] -  Improvements to export functionality

Exported packages can be downloaded from TDXM panel/Export section.

Include subtree - if checked objects below selected one (in chosen Perspective) will be exported.
Export documents - if checked export package will contain content that was linked to exported objects (HDC Internal export only).
Export geometries - if checked exported package will contain definition of shapes linked to exported content (HDC Internal export only).
Export attachments - if checked exported package will contain external files linked to exported objects (HDC Internal export only).

Exported packages cannot be imported in this version of HDC.

Import to HDC Internal format

Import to FI2 1.22v. format

Exports one document per Floor exported. Such document must be a default one for floor.

TDXM: Possibility to import dynamics texts (macros) from HyperDoc to HDC

Issue [HDC-3042] -  Dynamic texts in spots are not imported

When replicating HyperDoc database to HDRep package, macros are being exported just as simple strings. So when imported to HDC they are just simple texts. 

From version 3.4.0, while importing HDRep packages, HDC will add macros as well. A string that is being imported and matches existing macro in HDC by name (not case sensitive) will be added as a macro, not text.

This do not require any configuration before import but making sure expected macros do exists in HDC database.

TDXM: Possibility to add PDF's as attachments via Excel import

Issue [HDC-3004] -  PDF Files to be added as attachments from Excel import.

Since version 3.2.0, PDF files are being rasterized and are by default added to HDC as raster files (part of the composite drawing).
But in some cases there is a need to add them during import as attachments. Mainly because all pages of multi-page PDFs can be shown this way.

To add a file as Attachment using XLS import, you have to type Attachment value into column Modell/Ritningar in excel spreadsheet for the selected file.

If a cell in column Modell/Ritningar is empty, HDC will decide how to proceed according to file extension (by default PDF files are added as raster).

TDXM: Validation of Domain mappings performed before import starts

Issue [HDC-2924] - Validation of TDXM mapping to be performed before each import

Validation of External Domain used for import, it's class/fields and layer mappings will be done before the import starts.
If some problem is found, the import will be set as Failed, and proper info will be displayed on Details tab. Such an approach would save time in case a wrong mapping was performed. 

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-1624] - Legend View shows area "undefined" when presentation is not loaded.
    • [HDC-2698] - Event plugins availability checked for every object during import
    • [HDC-2988] - Wrong id's processed by plugins after import
    • [HDC-2990] - Error in sceduled FI2 import at
    • [HDC-2994] - Text compounder does not update labels in navigation
    • [HDC-3001] - Showing draft versions in object's history
    • [HDC-3005] - Quick print at does not fill template
    • [HDC-3007] - Archive Manager: Error after publishing draft, sync issues between draft views
    • [HDC-3039] - Truncations on Print Legend page
    • [HDC-3042] - Dynamic texts in spots are not imported correctly
    • [HDC-3055] - LayerName seems to applied only to first page of Multiview printout
    • [HDC-3076] - Change password errors
    • [HDC-3028] - Faster links 4 object fetching, eliminate fetching labels 4 object everytime
    • [HDC-3029] - Faster Macros resolving with bulk function for fetching obj props
    • [HDC-3030] - Faster getting drawing 4 objects with bulk functions
    • [HDC-3048] - While in Print Preview, changing object in Grid should change current view
    • [HDC-3049] - Performance improvements to GetContentForObject service.
    • [HDC-2154] - Improved embedded viewer mode, integration with 3rd party websites
    • [HDC-2989] - Spots Info - API call for bulk fetch spots info for links (objects

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-XXXX] - Issue name

    Old Webservice: 


    New Webservice:


  • Issue [HDC-2989] - Spots Info - API call for bulk fetch spots info for links (objects)

    New Webservice - for array of sent objects, return linked spots ID with information on which layer they lay on.

    POST /api/object/linkedspots

    Sample POST data to sent along
    Sample response
    	"list": [{
    			"classId": 108,
    			"objectId": 5219,
    			"seqId": "16",
    			"layerId": "3",
    			"layerName": "BTA",
    			"entityId": "1919",
    			"vectorId": "212",
    			"area": 39.9064,
    			"isGlobal": true
    		}, {
    			"classId": 108,
    			"objectId": 5219,
    			"seqId": "48",
    			"layerId": "2",
    			"layerName": "BRA",
    			"entityId": "1951",
    			"vectorId": "212",
    			"area": 37.2055,
    			"isGlobal": true
    		}, {
    			"classId": 108,
    			"objectId": 5219,
    			"seqId": "80",
    			"layerId": "4",
    			"layerName": "NTA",
    			"entityId": "1983",
    			"vectorId": "212",
    			"area": 35.7384,
    			"isGlobal": true
    		}, {
    			"classId": 108,
    			"objectId": 115405,
    			"seqId": "113",
    			"layerId": "2",
    			"layerName": "BRA",
    			"entityId": "269928",
    			"vectorId": "212",
    			"area": 67.8916,
    			"isGlobal": true

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