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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.2.0

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Temporal Symbols (Icons)

Issue [HDC-2410] - Temporal "Interaction Icons" (symbols) can be delivered to specific drawing based on linked object ID

This functionality is part of HDC.EmbeddedAPI controller and allows an external application to place selected icons based on object ID.

For full information, please refer to this manual: Temporal Symbols (Icons)

HOPA: new parameter "DefObjectClassId"

Issue [HDC-2878] - New HOPA parameter to show "document" of selected class when HOPA is called without DFS

HOPA parameter Default Object Class can be overwritten for specific HOPA call using new parameter: DefObjectClassId (DOC).

This means that HOPA calls with new parameter (in DFS=0 mode only!) will return document of specified class if such exists.

If document of chosen class is not linked to called object then HOPA will return Error Image.

Multi page legend list for printouts (legend template)

Issue [HDC-2643] - Multipage legend list for printout (legend template)

Manual for this functionality is located here.

Entities order can be saved in vector drawing

Issue [HDC-2679] - I can save entities order in vector drawing

The order of entities displayed in vector drawing can be changed as previously, using right-click popup menu commands "Change Order" - "Bring to Front" or "Send to Back".
Up till now, changes made in this way have been transient and persisted only in current session with given drawing.

Starting from new release, changed order of vector entities is immediately stored in database, so it is kept permanently.

Audit Trail

Issue [HDC-2372] - Audit trail analysis and visualization tool

Manual added here Audit Trail

TDXM: Import Reports - easy copy

Import reports now support easy copy function:

It is possible to use Ctrl+C on selected cell, as well as right click Copy Cell or Copy Row functions.

Copy Row function will give the following result:

HyperDoc Id: 	260210
Class ID: 	108
Class: 	space
External Id: 	000480000900058
External class Id: 	530
External class: 	HDV_H1_SPACE
Operation: 	1
Status code: 	0

TDXM: New import profiles that saves import parameters for future use

Issue [HDC-2553] - I can save Import Profile to be reused for future imports

TDXM Manager can now create Import Profiles that will gather chosen import options in pre-defined set so that it can be re-used in future imports.

Creating and Editing Profile

Go to TDXM/Import/Import Profiles to see list of profiles. Click on Add button to start creating new import profile.

Import Profile window fields will depend on profile Type as each import type has different set of available import options.
Each import profile requires that Name, Type and External Information Domain fields are chosen. 

There may be more than one import profile of same type.

Using Import Profile

When selecting package to import, then by default first existing Import profile of package type is used to fill out default import options.

Import can be run fast without changing any import options, accepting all settings from Import Profile or can be modified to adjust to current needs.
Such changes from Import window will not affect import profile but only current import process.

If you have more than one import profile for selected import type, then you can choose between them using first field combo Import profile.

API changes for this functionality are noted at the end of release notes.

TDXM import packages list improvements

Issue [HDC-2569] - Improvements for Import package list (download, delete)

Import packages list in TDXM panel is now much improved allowing to easily manage your import packages.

Changed/new buttons:

  • Upload - new checkbox Preserved is available. If checked package will be marked with Preserve flag that will block auto deleting of package. 

  • Download - click to download import package to your disc via browser.

  • Delete - click to delete selected package or packages both from packages list and files from cloud. Preserved packages marked for manual delete will also be deleted
    Cannot be reverted!

  • Preserve - marks package with Preserve flag. This will block this package from being deleted by auto-delete mechanism (described below) but not from manual delete.
    (removing "preserve" flag is not possible. If not needed, package can now be deleted manually).

  • Browse - lists all physical packages on disc that are not registered yet  (not shown on packages list). Before all packages were shown (already registered too so it was not very useful). 

    New system setting: Auto-delete

New parameter was added to Administrator panel/System Settings/TDXM: Auto delete of import packages after (days)

Packages without "Preserve" flag will be deleted after chosen number of days since upload. This is checked once a day based on package's upload date and chosen auto-delete value.

Setting auto-delete to 0 will turn auto delete OFF until it's changed back to other then 0 value.

When site is upgraded to version 3.2.0 all existing packages will be marked with "Preserve" flag and auto-delete timer will be set to 0 (turned off).
So currently existing packages if not needed will have to be deleted manually.

If there is no date filled in Upload Time column then it indicates that there is no physical file related to this entry. Download funtion will not work and such package probably can be deleted.

TDXM: PDF Background for Fi2 import

Issue [HDC-2838] - PDF Background for Fi2 import

Fi2 packages can now be imported to HDC when raster file is a .pdf file. 
Attributes from corresponding TAF file (if exists) will be used.

TDXM: Parsing of incoming data from import

Issue [HDC-2884] - Proper handling of wrong data in metadata field during import'

If we had incoming data from TDXM that was of wrong data type we just ignored it before and putt null value into target field.

For instance we had incoming "X" value mapped to HDC field "space_bra" of float type. Such "X" value is not accepted in float data type so we ignored incoming value and put null value.
This handling of problem was wrong as user lost his "abc" data and he did not knew that.

As we do not want to fail adding of whole object we still add null value in to such fields but we've added a warning message for such objects in Object Report.

Object found and updated.Property value 'X' couldn't be parsed to float. Field name space_bra . These properties were set to null. Object with Object ID: 353, ClassID: Rum.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version:

  • [HDC-2664] - FI2 import sets incorrect unit for Overlay object?
    (Fixed a bug that overlay units for FI2 imports were not following importing user's settings. Now they will).
  • [HDC-2609] - Grips or Text extents are not rendered in full (cropped)
  • [HDC-2737] - Context object configuration in FI2 import
  • [HDC-2812] - ObjectData import updating 44000 spaces last for 15 hours
  • [HDC-2817] - Wrong drawing dimensions after import
  • [HDC-2841] - Why is vector set as - area impossible to get transprent?
  • [HDC-2884] - Proper handling of wrong data in metadata field during import
  • [HDC-2886] - Excel import and "isAddUnmatchedObjects":true bug
  • [HDC-2890] - Sharing redline does not work properly
  • [HDC-2894] - HOPA for large objects fail
  • [HDC-2921] - Hopa behaviour is strange
  • [HDC-2922] - Lack of document attributes on PDF printout
  • [HDC-2925] - pdf print fails when using templates with multiple windows and filter where only one value is selected
  • [HDC-2641] - Print / QuickPrint file could contain a context object or document name
  • [HDC-2826] - IE 11 cannot save icon spot
  • [HDC-2830] - New problem with Context configuration
  • [HDC-2530] - When using grouped vectors and one of them is a minus area, set that area as solid white
  • [HDC-2623] - Event plugins (custom fields) improvements
  • [HDC-2832] - Text Compounder function not run by import.
  • [HDC-2843] - Effective TDXM import links management 

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Issue [HDC-2553] - I can save Import Profile to be reused for future imports

    Existing Webservice to start import:

    POST /tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    This webservice will continue to work as it worked before import profiles but if needed it can now start import using Import Profile ID.
    To do so use such call:

    POST /tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}?profileId=11

    where "11" is ID of import profile that you want to use.

    Then the standard POST body data with import parameters are not needed anymore. But if passed then they will overwrite parameters from import profile.

    New Webservices to create, update and delete import profiles:

    POST /api/tdxmprofile - create new import profile
    PUT /api/tdxmprofile/$Profile_ID - update chosen import profile
    GET /api/tdxmprofile/json - get list of existing import profiles and their configuration
    DELETE /api/tdxmprofile/$Profile_ID - delete chosen import profile

Issue [HDC-2569] - Improvements for Import package list (download, delete)

Modified Webservice: 

POST /api/tdxm/upload 

new query param preserve(default false)

Modified Webservice: 

GET /api/tdxm/register/json

 added uploadDate in each record, this endpoint will now return only unregistered packages

Modified Webservice: 

GET ../api/tdxm/packages/json

added uploadDate, preserve, userId, userFullName in each record

New Webservice:

DELETE /api/tdxm/packages/json

 to delete import packages (add POST with id's of packages to be deleted)

New Webservice:

PUT /api/tdxm/packages/json

adds "preserve" flag to import packages

New Webservice:

GET /api/tdxm/package/download/{packageId}/{packageType} 

download import package as zip

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