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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 3.1.0

Table of Contents

Cancel button to abort currently running import

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2642] - Abort import function available from GUI

When import is running then the Cancel button will be active. 

Press it to see the warning message.

It is advised to always perform imports in a Draft and not the Main Archive. If the import is aborted, the data might not be consistent and the Draft should be discarded. 

After that, the import can be rerun in a new Draft. 

Differential Import

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2695] - Differential Import (update only changed objects)

While importing data, if the imported object is matched (already exists in the system) it's metadata will be compared with the existing object to determine if there are any actual changes.

If there is a match but no change is detected then such object will be omitted and will not be shown in the import logs/statistics.

This is important especially for cases where entire structure is sent over and over again in a sync process.

Without differential import option a new version of every object would be created, resulting in significant database growth and reduced performance over time. 

Nevertheless, its important to understand, that even if one object is modified, a new system version will be registered with every import. 

Information about skipped objects will be visible on Details tab in import log:

New import option "Unlink from"

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2814] - Select classes of objects to be unlinked for objects selected for unlink

New import option is added to Import dialog called Unlink from. It's only active when Unlink updated objects option is turned on.

It will allow to configure exactly what object class(es) should be unlinked from the class set to be unlinked (from list of classes defined in Classes to unlink or all classes if no is chosen)

  • If nothing is defined, all links are removed
  • If some class is specified, link only from that class is removed.

Example: If we select Classes to unlink: Architect and Unlink from: Floor, it means that during import, matched Architect objects will be unlinked only from Floor objects, and new links will be added as in the import package. 

If other links exists in Architect object (document), e.g. directly to Building, they will not be modified in this case. 

HOPA new paramters: LayerName (LN)

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2601] - HOPA: call with layer parameter that only returns spot from that specific layer

New HOPA parameter implemented in - LayerName (LN).

When LN is used HOPA will return drawing with spots only from selected layer (based on name only!). It will be looked for on all overlay and redline drawings.
Other layers will be "hidden" for this specific request.
Parameter accepts more then one layer name, separated using comma.

Layer names are case sensitive!
As for now, this parameter is applied to all viewports on multi-viewport printouts.


  • /HopaGetView4Object?classId=108&objectId=14607&DocumentForSpot=1&Width=600&Height=801&SpotMarginPercent=125&&OF=PDF&psetId=493&LN=BRA,MyRedlineLayer
  • /HopaGetView4Object?classId=108&objectId=14607&DocumentForSpot=1&Width=600&Height=801&SpotMarginPercent=125&psetId=493&LN=A-AREA-____-OTLN

Archive Manger improvements for administrators

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2637] - View all drafts in Archive Manager, manage other Drafts

Changes to Advanced Archive manager role and Archive manger panel GUI.

  • User with Advanced Archive Manage will be able to mange all drafts that are shared with him. For instance, one can publish such draft (prepared by user with only Basic Archive Manager role).
  • User with Advanced Archive Manager and HyperDoc Administrator role will be able to list and mange all drafts in the system. 

Archive Manager
Basic Archive Manager
  • Access to Archive Manager Panel
  • View list of owned and shared drafts
  • Create and manage new drafts from selected published version,
  • Share owned drafts with other users or groups
  • List and open one of the published versions

Advanced Archive Manager

Access and administer versions using advanced version manager panel.

  • Manage (edit, discard, publish, make snapshots) of drafts:
    • owned and shared drafts
    • all other drafts (requires also HyperDoc Administrator role)
  • Manage published Version (edit and Set System Default)

Interface changes made: Archive manger panel is divided into just two sections (instead of 3): Published versions and drafts.
Drafts section is have now a number of tabs (based on user's roles). 

Translation for legend texts

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2599] - Translation for legend texts

Printouts with Legend window can now have legend's string translatable.
Translations can be set in Administrator Panel\Translations\Legend texts.

Sort order of data configurable per object class

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2395] - I can configure sort order of data in tree/grid (sort column-field, sort direction)

Sort field and direction can now be customized for each class.  To do so, configuration draft needs to be created and then go to Object Class panel.

Choose desired class and on right pane change tab to Sort.
You will then have to choose sort field from available class fields. Be default values in selected field will be sorted in ascending order (from lowest to highest values). 
But if Ascending checkbox is checked off then the sorting will be done  from highest values to lowest.

After that, you must activate your configuration drat. When it's active selected sort will be active.

By default (when no field is chosen) sort per class is done by label field (ascending). 

Please note that if the field is of Text type, sort is done according to this field's type so numbers are treated as text as well (so "19" is before "2" in ascending sort).

Export of objects in tree structure to XML

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2242] - Export of structure (perspective tree) data to XML

This is a first step to producing proper data export from HDC, that could be used by other systems. 
We plan to improve this export version in next releases (JIRA issue HDC-2833).


This functionality exports XML file with Tree structure (object with metadata) along with all documents (objects with content, with TAF file) linked to selected object.

From Tree context menu

  • Click on selected object on Tree, and select Export option. 
  • Select External Domain which will be used to translate objects names/fields while exporting data.

You will then see Export window.

  • Name this export in Description field. This name will be used in Export log in TDXM.
  • Decide if subtree objects should be exported as well.
  • Export can be done in chosen perspective other then the one currently used in Tree.
  • Click on Export button to start import.

From Object set

You can add selected objects from Grid to Object set and then Export selected ones.

Exporting data requires Data Exchange Manger role.

TDXM Export log & download

Go to TDXM and click on Export panel.

Each row is single export. View is similar to import log but it's a bit simpler. 
Select checkbox with your export and then click on Download button to download ZIP package with exported data.

Known limitation

  • Does not export geometries on Redline layers as for now.
  • Export is done only two levels below selected object only.
  • Subtree objects will not have their documents exported as for this version. 
  • All geometries are added to single XML file (in future geometries will be divided to separate XML files). 
  • We also plan to add more configurable option to control what is being exported.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-2734] - Map data source added to is empty when added to drawing
    • [HDC-2803] - Respecting rights to spots in HOPA
    • [HDC-2804] - Handling serial fields with big start values
    • [HDC-2806] - Spring Api calls internal server error when session is missing
    • [HDC-2807] - Cannot add icon from repository to overlay on a drawing
    • [HDC-2816] - ObjectData import does not prevent other imports from starting
    • [HDC-2818] - Long time of processing drawings - time out on showing in viewer!
    • [HDC-2823] - ABBO problem with hopa calls on some new objects
    • [HDC-2828] - Print template svg new (proper) validation on client side breaks template usage
    • [HDC-2829] - Ortho Snap function with draw line and IE not functioning
    • [HDC-2550] - User should be informed about lack of rights to perform an operation
    • [HDC-2813] - Multi View / multiple object support in HOPA with search (FN+FV)
    • [HDC-2628] - Export only marked objects to excel from grid view
    • [HDC-1925] - I can use Windows Integrated Authentication with HDC prompt-less login.

API Changes

  • Done under JIRA Issue [HDC-2814] - Select classes of objects to be unlinked for objects selected for unlink

    Changed existing Webservice: 

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{Import_Type}/{Package_ID}

    New optional parameter classesToUnlinkFrom is added. Possible to use when "unlinkObjects":true. 

  • Done under JIRA Issue [HDC-2242] - Export of structure (perspective tree) data to XML

    Removed Webservice: 

    GET&PUT /api/admin/parameters/import/json

    New Webservice:

    GET&PUT /api/admin/parameters/tdxm/json

    New parameters to set importwindowspathimportlinuxpath and exportlinuxpathexportwindowspath.

    New Webservices for export functionality under:


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