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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.9.1.

Table of Contents

HOPA new parameter: Multiview (MV)

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2361] - HOPA to return all linked spots for a space

When Multiview (MV) parameter is added to HOPA call (MV=1) then the output will be multi-page PDF including all spots linked to requested object (if more then one exists).


  • MV parameter does not work with viewport suffix. It is always used for object specified in first viewport.
  • We only produce multi-page PDF. Images are by definition single page.
  • Default Value for MV param is 0

Quick print buttons on Grid and Object properties

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2406] - Custom (hopa based) print buttons on Grid and Object properties

New Quick Print button will now be available on Grid toolbar and on pop-up properties. It produces a printout for currently focused object from grid list based on print settings defined by Administrator pew object type.

Quick print button on Grid is located next to Print button (batch print) but operates on different conditions.


Select object like room, rental unit or floor and then click on Quick Print button to get printout based on configuration (template, presentations, scale etc) done by your Administrator.

Quick Print button is only active when:

  • there is created quick print configuration for object class you are trying to print.
    BUT such object has to have a link to a spot on a drawing you have rights to see.

Quick print button on pop-up properties obey same rules as the one on Grid.


In Administrator panel\System\System Settings there is a new tab Quick Print that holds configuration for printouts via Quick Print button per object class.

To create new quick printout configuration for new object class click on New button.

Class - choose object class for which quick print button will be active
Template - type in HOPA call that will be used to generate printout result. You can use placeholders: {objid} and {classid}  so there are filled with chosen object ClassID and hdid.
By default, parameter Downlod=1 is added to all quick print printouts so no need to add it in Template field.

Document classes can also be configured here if needed, the printout will be done then in context of hole document.

New custom field plugin: Basic math operations resolver

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2579] - New "smart field" function calculate value

New custom field is now available. It will perform operation on given field and result will be put into main field.

Seperate tiling process from import

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2445] - Inteligent Tiling proccess during import process and refactoring

Till now if "Start Tiling" import option was turned on, then import operation consisted also of tiling operation on all raster files. 
Sometimes it was time consuming.

From 2.9.1 version "Start tiling" option will now just start tiling process after import is successfully done (it will not be started if it fails). It will create seperate process of processing of all images from imported package. This way, result of import will be visible faster. 

Result of this operation will be visible via notification or/and in Administration panel\System\Running processes.

If user will want to see documents right after import is done not all drawings will be procceded probably yet (in case of large packages). In such case of requesting drawing not yet processed, HDC will add requested drawing to top of it's processing que and after few seconds user will see requested image in viewer

Tiling of images can be done on published version with strict versioning turned on.

Also we have added new buton that allows to re-tile single raster file from Composite Drawing Manger level.

TDXM import improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2619] - TDXM import performance improvements

Remove Existing Overlay option was replaced by Vector Processing Mode parameter with 3 possiblieties. This will define how updated drawing's overlay will be handled.

  • Clear matched layers (defult option): updated (matched by name) layers will be removed and new layers with content from package will be added. Layers that exists but are not in imported package will not be removed.
  • Preserve matched layers: updated (matched) layer's content will not be removed from database. All layers with spots will be added from package as well so duplicate spots are possible.
  • Remove existing overlay: removes existing overlay before import (redline is not removed).

Handling of decimals precision in various placed of application

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2610] - Handle of scientific notation in large numbers in float fields, decimal precision

Decimals precision is handled by number of option, each controling the precision value of different place in HDC application.
Go to System\System Settings\Generals Settings tab - section Field adjustment.

  • General display precision - 
  • Calculation precision - 
  • Coordinates display precision - 
  • Area and length display precision - 
  • Insert area / length precision - adjust inserted area form redline options: Insert area and Insert lenght for mesuread spots.

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2598] - Show spot link function, no hyperlink

You can now click on  to jump to drawing on which linked spot lays.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-2288] - Cannot delete draft
    • [HDC-2520] - Show links status bar /paste link problems
    • [HDC-2573] - TDXM: Composite drawing not created during import if updated object is without one
    • [HDC-2633] - DB error when trying to load search results
    • [HDC-2654] - Wrong spot highlight when filter is applied
    • [HDC-2673] - PDF can't be created via HOPA
    • [HDC-2677] - Copy view failure - java.lang.NumberFormatException
    • [HDC-2499] - Update area from spots should have a configurable units
    • [HDC-2612] - Content information should be returned with owner object
    • [HDC-2024] - DB authentication fails when external LDAP is inactive or times out
    • [HDC-2572] - PNG icon added to drawing brakes it
    • [HDC-2576] - Failed to import document content - lack of rights to layer - no info in log
    • [HDC-2615] - pdf print does not work with certain filter in
    • [HDC-2616] - Can not delete created (new) or old Redline in FMA (HDC). SS scheme checked for Delete Redline.
    • [HDC-2631] - TDXM: import success, objects not imported, no report info - null value in column "objectextid"
    • [HDC-2649] - Vector element settings are lost after zoom change
    • [HDC-2595] - Batch print report.txt nor readable in notepad
    • [HDC-2689] - Embedded Viewer Multitab popup properties problem
    • [HDC-2574] - Spot links. Center figure too big
    • [HDC-2653] - Background images are not loaded - weird URL created

API Changes

Done under JIRA Issue [HDC-2445] - Inteligent Tiling proccess during import process and refactoring

  •  Combined into  web-service  api/admin/file/convert/{state}




  • Combined into one web-service api/admin/file/convertondemand




  •  Combined into  web-service  api/admin/attachment/convert/{state}




  •  Combined into  web-service  api/admin/attachment/convertondemand




  • New web-service api/raster/upload/{contentId} (manual import of raster via GUI) replaces web-service api/raster/import/{contentId} (removed)

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2619] - TDXM import performance improvements

Changed Webservice (starting import): 

POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

New parameter vectorProcessingMode replaces removeOldOverlay. New paremeter have 3 possiblities:

    • CLEAR_MATCHED_LAYERS (default - same effect when removeOldOverlay was not set at all or set to false in 2.8.1)

API Changes for publishes to FM Access!
Please note that if old removeOldOverlay param was not added during imports in 2.8.1, publishing should still work in new version with vectorProcessingMode using default option.

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