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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.7.0

Table of Contents

Context object for import defined in XML package

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2472] - fi2 import with parent object information stored in property (Fastighet) tags

When importing FI2 packages, user can now omit choosing Context Object on Import dialog.
This requires: 

  • proper elements in source XML file (name is just an example)

            <fi2property id="ID000002" Guid="472">
                <fi2_id usage="Fastighetsbeteckning" owner="Symetri" origin="">3086 Enköping</fi2_id>
               <!-- <fi2_id usage="GUID" owner="Symetri" origin="">472</fi2_id> -->
                <fi2_sysid usage="Systemid" owner="Symetri" origin="">3086 Enköping</fi2_sysid>
                <fi2value_value>Dummy Delomrade</fi2value_value>
              <fi2prop_name>3086 Enköping</fi2prop_name>
              <fi2prop_name2>3086 Enköping</fi2prop_name2>

  • adding prop_parent (name is just an example) as class field for proper object class in External Domain Definition (if not present already)

  • Set Context Parent Configuration for chosen External Domain that will allow matching existing object as root for import.

Root Object class: Select a class of object that will be matched and used as a Root object for import.

Select ID field in a Root object to be matched with metadata from import package.

Select a class of object from import package that contain Root object metadata.

Select a field in EID object containing Root ID.

Such configured import can be started without specifying Context Object. As on screen below, Property 3086 Enköping was imported and linked to Omrade Dummy Delomrade.

Fonts embedded in PDF printout files

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2404] - Font size and type is not handled consistently between printout and client application.

Small set of Google fonts are now used by HDC application. Fonts will now be consistent between viewer and PDF printouts.
Those are:

Chosen fonts will be embedded in PDF printouts so PDF can be opened on any systems/viewers without those fonts.

  • PDF files created this way are NOT of PDF/A type.
  • Fonts list can be changed in the future if needed.

Some fonts do not have Italic/Bold style types. So only regular font will be embeded in PDF. Those are:

  • SpecialElite font - only Regular font is present.
  • WorkSans font - no Italic version.
  • RobotoSlab font - no Italic version.

Enhanced import dialog

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2487] - Enhanced import dialog

Due to complexity and increasing number of import options, Import window have been divided into sections:

  • Documents
  • Objects
  • Post processing

Each import type still will have only needed options.

Each option gained also on-hover tooltip with short description on option functionality.

Changes for "Import documents" option functionality

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2419] - Improved way of handling document update during import

Two new import options were added for update imports. They can only be used when Import documents option is checked.

Below options applies to update imports (at least some of imported document-objects already exists in database).

  • Remove existing raster - when checked, updated documents will have existing raster file removed before importing drawing from package.
  • Remove existing overlay - when checked, updated documents will have existing overlay drawing removed before importing drawing from package.

If Remove existing overlay option is turned OFF but Import documents is ON then on updated documents it will have folowing efect:

  • New layers with vectors from package will be just added.
  • Existing layers that are not present in import package and spots on those layers will not be deleted.
  • Exisiting (updated) local and global layers will first be clearead of vectors (if importing user have proper rights to do so) and then vectors will be imported from package to coresponding layers. 

Existing Redline layers will not be deleted in any case.

Localization for login pages

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2479] -Localization  for login pages

Login pages (login, reset password, set new password pages) will now be displayed localized (eng, sv and pl is available right now only). 
Choose of localization language is done automatically based on your browser locale settings.

Multiple redline layers for each drawing

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2189] - Redline layers - improvements
Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2460] - Improved handling for parameters (user and system)

Redline layers are not global layers anymore. They are now more similar to local/private layers in terms of handling.

Each drawing can have number of different redline layers which are unique ones (not global - same for each drawing).

When adding redline layer on new drawing it's default name is taken from User Full Name but can be changed afterwards in Composite Drawing Manger.

Default layer style is taken from User Profile\Rediline settings but each layer can have it's own unique default style defined by pressing Layer Style button on viewer toolbar when in Redline mode.

Default settings for user's new redline layers:

Administrators can also set default style for redlines layer for newly created users:

Those settings will be used when new user logs into system for the first time. After that user can change his Reldline settings in User Profile.

MultiViewport Templates improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2451] - MultiViewport Templates improvements and bugs

Updated HOPAGetView4Object params

Updated Template Editor description

Parameters for a specific viewport require viewport ID suffix as follows:

  • ViewportID = without suffix - such parameters will apply to all viewports on printout (unless this parameter is used again but with viewport number) 
  • ViewportID = 1 parameters with suffix "1", e.g ScaleMode1 - influnces only viewport 1
  • ViewportID = 2 parameters with suffix "2", e.g ScaleMode2 - flunces only viewport 2
  • ViewportID = 3 parameters with suffix "3", e.g ScaleMode3 - flunces only viewport 3
  • and so on...

In HOPA scenarios specific view-ports can be handled by using template view-port pre configuration or by explicit parameters provided for a given view-ports.
URL params are most important, if parameter for specific viewport is not present in URL then it is taken from template configuration.

Only exceptiion to order of aplying parameters to viewports are parameters without suffix used for localizing Object to be shown. Such param (ex.classId=108, objectId=76931) will apply only to viewport 1. For other viewports more important are settings from Template or parameters with suffix for specific viewport.

System default version notifications

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2366] - Button to reload HDC with latest version

HDC Panel will now display special button that will show if you are working with latest version (that is set to be system default) of your database.

Green checkbox  icon will indicate that you are currently using latest version of your database:

If someone changes system default version to new one, than this button will change to  icon. 

Click on this red button to change version to new Default version.

If you are working in a draft, then special icon  will indicate that. Draft icon will not change when new default system version is changed but clicking on this icon will change your version to default system version.

Also new notification type was added: "DefaultVersionChanged" which will trigger when one of versions in Master Archive is set to be system default version.

Unlink updated objects import option improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2422] - Import - Apply 'unlink updated objects' for specified classes only

Improvement to Unlink updated objects import option. 

Now when importing package user can decide objet's of what classes will be unlinked.

If Unlink updated object option is checked and no class is chosen then unlinking will be done for updated objects.

Macros resolving improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2085] - I can resolve text macro to an context object passed to print / view

We have improved how macros are resolved in some more complicated situations like one drawing used for multiply objects.
Now print-outs will display macro data from correct object.

Improvements to handling attachments

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2318] - Reprocess selected or all attachments for preview

Improvements and bug fixing for handling of external files were done.
Also some interface changes were done to System Settings\File Repository:

  • New sub-tab Attachment status was added that allows to see all external files added to database and their state.

This adds possibility to reprocess all or selected attachments. This can be used on databases that had already imported external files before attachment converter was introduced (and were not converted to PDF like state possible to display in HDC Viewer).

Unconvertible state gathers all external files that cannot be converted to (as per PDF Convertible formats sub-tab). PDFs files are included in this category.

  • PDF Convertible formats sub-tab displays external files formats that HDC attachment converter can convert.

Advanced search improvement - support for AND & OR

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2341] - Advanced search improvement - support for AND & OR

The operator can only be chosen once for entire search query.

Loading time of drawings improved

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1470] - Optimize process of preparation of svg drawing

Loading time of drawings in viewer will now be increased. This can be more visible for larger drawings.

Orthogonal snap

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1393] - I can use orthogonal snapping while drawing shapes (Ortho Snap)

Orthogonal snapping option will help users to draw straight lines that snap to full angles. The 90 degrees angles alligned with X and Y axis are supported.

This option can be activated in Edit and Redline mode of the viewer by using toggle button on the toolbar.

The function can also be activated or deactivated temporarily by using Shift key while drawing. 

New buttons for PDF viewer for external documents

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2473] - Print out from pdf-viewer in HDC does not work

Due to problems with printing (via browser) some attached documents, old Print button was deleted and two new were added for PDF converted external documents.

  • Download attachment - this button will download original file (so for example .xlsx file). Not present on toolbar if original file is a .pdf.
  • Download as PDF - prepare PDF file to be downloaded, that can be printed. This provides more stable way to print documents then it was before (via browser mechanisms).

Embedded API available through Window.postMessage()

Done under JIRA issue - [HDC-2469] - Embedded API available through Window.postMessage()

More information is here.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

    • [HDC-2234] - Viewer window selection blocks normal selection when Ctrl is used
    • [HDC-2420] - This ResultSet is closed - bug when accessing securitySchema/cache
    • [HDC-2432] - Preparing view for print/hopa of Large IFC model fails and hangs in loop
    • [HDC-2442] - Excel export does not work in Internet Explorer
    • [HDC-2443] - Unable to share draft with user
    • [HDC-2444] - Filter requires text value after upgrading to 2.6?
    • [HDC-2450] - print report for batch print is not of file type .txt
    • [HDC-2462] - Auto-linking did not work for FI2 import
    • [HDC-2463] - Print works only sometimes 
    • [HDC-1470] - Optimize process of preparation of svg drawing
    • [HDC-2275] - SVG-Content generation - speed improvements
    • [HDC-2318] - Reprocess selected or all attachments for preview
    • [HDC-2341] - Advanced search improvement - support for AND & OR
    • [HDC-2422] - Import - Apply 'unlink updated objects' for specified classes only
    • [HDC-2446] - Selecting room in gridview gives summarized area on drawing
    • [HDC-2447] - Print toolbox also in Redline and Edit mode
    • [HDC-2448] - Marked object shading in tree view in a contrasting color
    • [HDC-2451] - MultiViewport Templates improvements and bugs
    • [HDC-2471] - Improve graphical multi-selection visual behavior
    • [HDC-2111] - Viewer - improvements to document processing after load
    • [HDC-1759] - Filter Legend on print out is not sorted the way it is sorted on drawing
    • [HDC-2480] - Text defined on drawing with units different from composite reports wrong extent after loading
    • [HDC-2401] - Filter should correctly handle very long labels (server/client/print)
    • [HDC-2481] - Print multiple documents to pdf, limitation for zip download?
    • [HDC-2494] - Wrong version status returned for published object (shown in grid)
    • [HDC-2492] - Font embedded in PDF for Legend Window.
    • [HDC-2488] - Fambo Navigate link does not work.

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2341] - Advanced search improvement - support for AND & OR

    Changed Webservice: 

    POST /api/search/advanced/objects/&{ObjectClass}

    Addes support for AND and OR operators. 

    {"hqlCriteria":"hdid > 0 and runame starts-with RU and runame != RU-BIM"}

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2318] - Reprocess selected or all attachments for preview

    Old Webservice: 

    Start tiling process of all native files with status desired status 

    GET /api/admin/file/raster/tile/UPLOADED

    New Webservice:

    GET /api/admin/file/convert/UPLOADED

    Start tiling process of selected file native with status UPLOADED

    GET /api/admin/file/convert?fileId=203&versionId=5

    New Webservice:

    Start re-tiling process of all native files with status CONVERTED

    GET /api/admin/file/convert/CONVERTED

    Start re-tiling process of selected file with status CONVERTED

    GET /api/admin/file/reconvert?fileId=203&versionId=5

    Get list of native files in given state 

    GET /api/admin/file?&state=IN_QUEUE

    New Webservice:
    Start tiling process of all native files with status FAILED

    GET /api/admin/file/cleanconvert/FAILED

    Start tiling process of selected file with status FAILED

    GET /api/admin/file/cleanconvert?fileId=203&versionId=5

    New Webservice:
    Start converting all atttachments with chosen status IN_QUEUE/CONVERTED/FAILED

    GET /api/admin/attachment/convert/IN_QUEUE

    Start converting selected attachment

    GET /api/admin/attachment/convert?fileId=203&versionId=5

    Get list of attachments in given state 

    GET /api/admin/attachment?&state=IN_QUEUE

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2422] - Import - Apply 'unlink updated objects' for specified classes only

    When "unlinkObjects":true then you need to provide classesToUnlink parameter with classes ID.

    Changed Webservice: 

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

        "domainId": 5,
        "perspectiveId": "15",
        "contextRootId": "13",
        "contextRootClassId": "130",
        "isRemoveSurplusObjects": true,
        "classesToClean": ["146"],
        "autoLinking": true,
        "unlinkObjects": true,
        "classesToUnlink": ["140", "110"],
        "isImportDocs": true,
        "isAddUnmatchedObjects": true,
        "isTileRaster": true,
        "isAddUnmappedLayers": true

    If you want to unlink all updated objects then put only "unlinkObjects": true into POST data. Do not add classesToUnlink even if it's empty.

    Default value for unlinkObjects is false (set if it's not provided in API call).

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2460] - Improved handling for parameters (user and system)
  • Changed Webservice: 

    /api/admin/systeminfo/json to api/systeminfo/json 

    So users with HyperDoc role only will get version info.

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2419] - Improved way of handling document update during import

    Changed Webservice: 

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    New two import options were added:

    • removeOldRaster  (default value is true)

    • removeOldOverlay  (default value is false)

  • Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2472] - fi2 import with parent object information stored in property (Fastighet) tags

    Deleted Webservice: 

    POST api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}/{contextRootClassId}/{contextRootId}

    Now HDC will only use this Web Service for import:

    POST /tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}

    Parameters contextRootClassId and contextRootId are not obligatory for HDRep, FI2 and IFC imports, but if package does not provide context object, they must be passed in JSON data or import will fail.

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