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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.6.0

Table of Contents

New import option - Remove surplus objects

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2331] - Remove surplus objects during Import

New import option Remove Surplus Objects is available for HDRep and FI2 import types.
This option is to be used for update purpose. If checked then user can select classes in field Classes to clean.

Remove surplus objects option removes objects that are linked to imported/mapped object but are not part of imported package.
Remove surplus objects option applies only to objects that are not in imported package, but are present in the database before import and are linked to matched imported or import configuration context objects.
Classes to clean indicates classes which objects are to be searched for surplus objects. If surplus object is found, it's link will be removed. Afterwards, if object has no links, it will be removed along with it's content.

API Changes

  • Changed Webservice: 

    POST /api/tdxm/import/{type}/{packageId}/{contextRootClassId}/{contextRootId}

    New POST params for FI2 and HDRep import types:

  • isRemoveSurplusObjects: true or false (default is false)

  • when isRemoveSurplusObjects  is set to true, then you can add classesToClean with list of Object classes ids (from HDC configuration) in form of:
    ["140", "134"]

View selector for multiple target documents

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2377] - Support for viewing multiple target documents in InfoScope mode

A new View selector is now added to viewer toolbar (Select mode). It will be show only in Object infoscope mode and in such cases only:

  • a Room has spots on two different documents
  • a Rental Unit has two Rooms that are located on different drawings
  • A Rental Unit has two Rooms and one of the Rooms is located on more than one drawing.

All Drawings will be "summed up" and appropriate document / View count will be presented. 

Parameter for max page size

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2355] - Configure length of Grid list concerning paging / user selection for length

Each user can now set maximum number of object he gets per page on Grid.
New parameter Page Size is now added to User Profile window. Accepted range is between 25 and 250 objects.

This parameter is also added in Administrator Panel/System Settings/General tab. Administrator can set default value for new users here.

Improvements to Template Editor and PDF printouts

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2189] - Multi view-port templates and printouts (Print preview and HOPA)
Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1764] - Filter Legend improvements in Print Preview

Description available here.

HOPAGetView4Object using SF and SV 

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2358] - Possibility to use internal HDC domain for HOPA calls.

FieldName and FieldValue parameters of HOPAGetView4Object call can now be used with HDC classes and fields values.
Additionally to those parameters we need to provide searched Object Class in form of ClassId or ClassName parameters.

Please note that currently FieldValue parameter cannot handle values with spaces.

This is same restriction as for Advanced Search. It will be improved for future version.

Sample calls:

  • /HopaGetView4Object?ClassName=floor&FN=fi2spsys_name&FV=1TR
  • /HopaGetView4Object?CN=space&FN=fi2space_class&FV=LOA&DocumentForSpot=1&SpotMarginPercent=122&psetId=493 
  • /HopaGetView4Object?classId=108&FN=fi2space_name&FV=99106&DocumentForSpot=1&psetId=493 
  • /HopaGetView4Object?CID=108&FieldName=fi2space_areabta&FieldValue=19.3503&DocumentForSpot=1&psetId=493

Presentations improvements - custom summary and general changes

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1599] - I can use area or other summary column in filters legend
Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2257] - Area, number and sum in Legend should be configured in filter setup
Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2384] - Automatic presentations- show empty fields functionality

General changes

  • Source class and Target class fields functionality in presentation filter's definition were switched: 

  • Target class -  now this field is the primary field defining Presentation - it is a class from which data we want to show (this field is required).
  • Source class - is now optional field that if selected requires also choosing Perspective set.

  • Presentations using Perspectives sets and Source class can now be of Standard and By Class type.

New option for presentations

When creating new or editing existing presentation, administrator can now define which summary columns will be displayed when presentation is applied.

  • Count - when this is turned on, column count will be visible showing number of objects fulfilling each filter's requirements (defined by HQL).
  • Spot area - Shows area of all spots for each filter. This field exclude using custom column summary.
  • Custom summary - this unlocks Custom label and Summary sufix label fields. Turns off Spot Area option.
    • Custom label - name of custom column
    • Summary sufix - custom "units" for summary of presentation custom column. 

New option for filters

  • Summary field - when Custom summary option is turned on then this option will be visible. Custom column will show data from Summary field for each filter.

  • Fields scroll menu helps to choose target's class field, click to unlock fields list, choose field and click on Add Field button.

Such automatic presentation when applied will look like:

  • New option called Show EmptyTarget Field was added only for Automatic presentations.
    When Show EmptyTarget Field is checked then presentation when applied will highlight objects with empty value in Target field and display them on presentation result window.

API Changes

(Please check apidocs for more details about changed webservices)

Changed Webservices:

  • POST /api/admin/presentation 
  • GET & POST /api/admin/presentation/filter/{presentationId} 
  • PUT /api/admin/presentation/filter/{presentationId}/{filterId} 
  • GET /api/presentation/json/{drawingId}/{presentationId} 
  • POST /api/presentation/adhoc/json 

New parameters were added per new functionality.
Notable change is that required parameter for creating filter is now targetClass, not sourceClass.

Example of adding filter to Standard type presentation:
POST /api/admin/presentation/filter/{presentationId}

{"label":"Test","targetClass":"124","summaryField":"rentobj_bra","toolset":{"id":6},"hql":"rentobj_fullname contains 6","sourceClass":"106","perspectiveSetId":"14"}

Macros behavior when it does not resolve to data

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2333] - Change how document-metadata will appear (when value is missing) on print templates

We have changed way how macro that does not resolve will look like. Screen from Print preview:

Metadata field that macro refers is empty:  -- ;

Macro does not exists (added to print template and then deleted from macro list): XX ;

Macro cannot be resolved - object not found: - ;

Macro field not exists (very rare): ** .

Batch Print improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2310] - Batch print limitations

Now batch print operation will not fail when one or more printed documents fail for some reason.
Operation will end with Finished with Errors status but it will possible to download such zip package that will contain all documents that succeeded.

ZIP packages will also contain .txt file containing detailed report of batch print. If some of documents failed, then report will inform about this. 

API Changes

  • Changed Webservice: 

    GET /drawing/print/batch

    Request Parameters





    contentIdsquerycomma-separated list of composite drawing contentId; e.g. 300, 347, 301 after encoding: 300%2C+347%2C+301 
    filterIdsquerycomma-separated list of filter identifiers; e.g. 1, 2 after encoding: 1%2C+2 
    hiddenLayersquerycomma-separated list of hidden layers identifiers for each vector drawing

    Example of json string with hidden layers:

    Example of json:

    [{ "drawingId": "213", "layers": ["720", "2", "3", "4", "494"]}, {"drawingId": "888", "layers": ["2", "3", "4", "494"]}]
    presentationIdqueryPresentation id for printout 
    reportFormatquerywith one of two values txt/xml; default is txttxt
    templateIdqueryTemplate id for printout, if not defined server uses default template, if it doesn't exist it builds template from defaults

Save area report improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2335] - Save area report improvements

Save area report will now show more information about which objects and fields were updated with what value.

Quick Search Improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2187] - Quick Search Improvements

  • Result should if possible display both searched value AND label value of searched object.

  • Now only Text and Dictionary fields can be added to quick search definition (Other then Text-based fields were making quick search to fail at all). 

Open HDC on specific object using External Domain names

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2408] - Open HDC on specific object using EID names

Using Navigate paremeter in url, HDC can now open on specified object based on Object's Class and ID from external Domain.
Accepted params:

  • Domain (DN) - External domain name or ID
  • ClassName (CN) - object's class name in specified external domain
  • ClassId (CID) -  object's class ID in specified external domain
  • ObjectID (OID) - object's ID (TOBIS field) in specified external domain



Revised integration with BIMeye II

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1942] - Revised integration with BIMeye II

New version of plugin to communicate with BIMeye server has been created. It requires to be installed seperate  from HDC for each client that requires it. 

Second, it must be configured in HDC Data Exchange\ External Domain \ Live Data Source tab.

Proper field mapping must be done so properties of external system are visible in HDC.

When configuration part is done, user can now communicate with BIMeye server.
This allows to:

  • see Object's properties

  • send to and from BIMeye server using External Domain definition from number of places:


Symetri Ocean Integration (3D Viewer)

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2345] - Symetri Ocean Integration (3D Viewer)

HDC Viewer can now work in 3D mode using Symetri Ocean viewer.

This mode can only be activated for drawings, that were properly prepared for this mode.
Using 3D viewer requires to specify to connection settings in HDC System Settings\Other\Ocean 3D

To enter 3D viewer go to BIM model, click on 3D button  above Grid and choose any object like door, wall to see it on 3D viewer.

Bugs fixed and other improvements for this version

  • [HDC-2001] - Macro linked directly to object is counted for presentation results
  • [HDC-2258] - Incorrect number on object tab for Rum
  • [HDC-2312] - Zoom to object in IE - unwanted zoom out, lost tiles
  • [HDC-2333] - Change how document-metadata will appear (when value is missing) on print templates
  • [HDC-2339] - FI2 .1.33 import fails on ava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
  • [HDC-2340] - Bug in filter edit, changing tool
  • [HDC-2347] - Missing spot to room on IFC imported drawing
  • [HDC-2351] - Error when calling HOPA CALL with adhoc presentation
  • [HDC-2363] - 2.6 master problem with docnavet import
  • [HDC-2371] - pdfjs viewer bug with print button not working for larger /chunked/ PDFs
  • [HDC-2378] - Error while uploading package containing files with Swedish characters
  • [HDC-2379] - IFC Danderyd model - no vectors imported for package.
  • [HDC-2385] - Entering empty string into database field should be blocked
  • [HDC-2388] - Significant performance drop in the viewer for larger drawings
  • [HDC-2392] - Drawing flies out of viewer space after attempt to show Room
  • [HDC-2397] - Wrong handling of set values in
  • [HDC-2405] - Landlord problems with ad-hoc presentation "This ResultSet is closed." and structure-svg
  • [HDC-1524] - Quick Search should not allow for search on different Type than Text or block it
  • [HDC-629] - IFC Import - support for curved profiles - svg path
  • [HDC-2415] - "Presentation not exist" error when working with adhoc filters
  • [HDC-2433] - Presentation without Spot Area are not resolved on print preview legend rect
  • [HDC-2435] - I can use Edit Object and External menu from Right click on spot.

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