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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.3.0

Table of Contents

New Create/Edit windows functionality

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2239] - Editing windows should behave more "dynamic"

Edit object window

Edit object window is by default opened in Hold mode that can be changed by using Pin Tool  to Released state.

In Hold mode:

  • selecting a new object from Tree view will reload the object in Edit form (Grid selection is not yet supported),
  • save will not close the panel allowing for new object selection,
  • panel can be closed by Esc key, Cancel button or X button in header,
  • panel can be saved by Save button or Enter key,
  • changes (before they are saved) canbe reverted by using Reset button.

In Released mode window will reload when Tree object is changed (keeping data of initialy selected object) and window will close when clicking on Save button.

Create object window

Create window, is by default in Released mode.

In Released mode window will be closed when new object is added. 

 But when changed to Hold mode:

  • after object is added, the form remains open.
  • values can be changed and object and another object can be created just by pressing Add again (or Enter key).

Improved tiling process performance - using many threads

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2197] - Improve tiling process performance - use many threads

HDC and sightseer server can now work on multiply threads therefore tiling speed is now increased multiply times.

This can be controlled per database in System Settings window.

Copy object properties to clipboard

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2193] - Possibility to copy values from object/document properties without edit rights

Copying properties from Grid

When focusing object in Grid, selected row is highlighted. But user also selects one of the row's cell. There additional border around that cell indicating that this cell is being focused.

Value from this cell can be copied to clipboard using CTRL+C keyboard buttons or from right-click context menu using Copy value option.

Copying properties from object properties window

Object properties window has a new context menu with options:

  • Copy cell - copy selected cell value to clipboard. Can also be done with CTRL+C.
  • Copy row - selected row is copied to clipboard.
  • Copy all items. - all visible object properties are pasted to clipboard.

Copied content is formatted in a way that will allows it to be pasted into Excel.

Copying properties from popup properties 

Popup properties are now given HOLD function. If in HOLD mode, window will not close when you navigate mouse from it or open new popup property.

Copy menu (same as for object properties) is available when properties window is in Hold mode or if Auto Properties mode is off.

Notification system

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2135] - User Notifications (Push, E-mail, Logger, Client dashboard)

See Notifications guide for more information.

Batch Print of documents

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-955] - I can perform batch print to PDF so that all selected documents are printed as one file.

See Batch Print for more information.

Bugs fixed for this version

  • [HDC-1154] - Error in Show Links - when trying to show links to not existing class in current configuration
  • [HDC-2096] - Sorting does not work correctly in Administrator panel
  • [HDC-2179] - Imporvements to speed / memory consuption of FI2 import
  • [HDC-2202] - No view right for HOPA user results with Internal Server Error
  • [HDC-2260] - Object data error reports improvemnt,
  • [HDC-2245] - Check of grid records is slow

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • Done under JIRA Issue [HDC-2151] - I can create ad-hoc filters to be shown on client side viewer

    New Webservice

POST /api/presentation/adhoc/json

This webservice allows creation of adhoc presentation filters based on definition given in it's POST body. 

It creates temporary PresentationID that can be used anywhere just like predefined presentations using parameter PresentationID.
Such presentation have life span of 1 hour (since it's creation). More info can be found here.

  • Done under JIRA Issue [HDC-2215] -  sort order for dictionaries

Removed Webservices: 

GET /api/admin/dictionary/json/{dictId}
Same response is given using /api/config/dict/json/{dictId}

Changed Webservices: 

GET /api/config/dict/json/{dictId}
Changed is response of this api call.

PUT /api/admin/dictionary/item/{dictId}
Send data must be in new format: "dictKey":AAA", "dictValue":"BBB"

New Webservice:


Update dictionary items by giving them specified sequence.

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