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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.2.0

Table of Contents

Version / Draft Changes Visualization

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-632] - Version / Draft Changes Visualization (import support)

New functionality allows to see changes done to current version for example after import was done. 

To activate this mode click on Version info button and then on Show Object Status button.

New HOPA Parameter - MaskMode

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1903] - HOPAGetView4Object, with parameters MM (MaskMode) and FM (FitMode)

MaskMode (MM) – mode for masking areas on drawing. it can be useful if we want, for instance, to show only one room from the floor map and we want to assure that other rooms are not visible at all

This parameter can have two possible values:

  • 0 (default)  works as before – no masking, view with surrounding area is taken according to requested size / scale / SMP
  • 1 (requires DFS mode) -  all area on returned image outside spot is cleared - margin parameter is ignored in this case.

Example of usage for Rental unit (that consists of two rooms):

Same HOPA call but without MaskMode looks like this:

Copy (duplicate) spots to Redline

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2011] - Copy (duplicate) spots to Redline

New button Clone is now added to new Toolbar for Viewer called Edit.

It is active only in Redline mode. It will clone selected spot or spots to you redline layer.

We can see three spots from Layer BRA are selected. Now after clicking on Clone button spots will be copied to user redline layer.

Private styles of spots will be preserved. But spots without it will be given redline layer style.

Copy / paste spots

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1428] - I can copy existing spot(s) and paste it on the same or different drawing

New buttons were added to viewer Edit toolbar.

Those are cut, copy and paste. Cut and Copy operations work on selected spot / group of spots. Paste operation allows inserting spot(s) cut or copied earlier into the same or different drawing.

Depending on context those operations are also available from context menu (right mouse button).

Copy operation is allowed for spot(s) selected from any drawing, independently of current editing mode. It just copy spots definition.

Cut operation removes selected spots from drawing. For spots selected from overlay drawing, cut operation is allowed only when in Edit mode. For spots selected from redline drawing cut operation is allowed only in Redline mode.

Paste operation transfers spots from internal clipboard onto current active layer in current drawing when in Edit mode. When in Redline mode they are pasted into user's redline layer.

Single selection drag point for multi-selected spots/groups

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1726] - Move grouped / multi selected spots using one "drag point"

After selecting one spot or several spots (or groups) from the same drawing, its center point is calculated and drawn in form of diamond shape.
You can drag all selected spots together by dragging this diamond shaped point.

You can change position of drag point by dragging it with Shift key pressed to desired position.

Improved Archive manager labels and published version displaying draft's description

Done under JIRA issues:

  • [HDC-2082] - Published version should display also draft's "description"
  • [HDC-2139] - Improved Version Labeling in archive Manager

Again some changes were done to Archive Manager panel to make it more user-friendly and add some new functionalities:

  • New button View Snapshots (replaces old More button) will open Snapshot (versions) dialog with buttons to create/edit/open desired version.
  • Publish will take draft's Name and Description to Master Archive (even if there are snapshots with different names).
  • Published versions can be have Name and Description edited. This can be done only by users with Advanced Archive Manager role.

New type of import →  "ObjectData"

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2073] - import from excel to update existing objects

New type of TDXM import has been added to HDC. It's called ObjectData.

This import can only update metadata of objects by reading list of objects from excel (.xls) file using mapping done in External Domain.

ObjectData import cannot add new objects, documents or raster files.

Preparing package for ObjectData import

Package for this import requires that zip contains only one .xls or .xlsx file.

Each excel file should have tab or tabs called as object classes to be updated.
Those excel files can be prepared manually or they can be exported from HDC and then updated.

To create automatic sheet with objects,  select array of objects on HDC Tree and then export connected objects from Grid panel using Export button. Exported objects can come from currently chosen tab (Export button) or objects from all tabs in current perspective (Export all button).

On screen above we can export just "Arkitekt" class objects or all objects from Grid panel connected to array of objects selected on Tree panel.
Such .xsl file can then be edited and updated with desired changes. File should be zipped, uploaded as ObjectData package and then it can be imported using created External Domain. 

Preparing External Domain in TDXM for import

Object Classes

When preparing External Domain which will be used for class and field mapping you can import Object Classes from XLS file you are going to import data from.

  • Go to External Domain\Object Classes
  • Click on Import button and select XLS
  • Choose file from disc

Class names will be taken from sheet's tabs and class fields will be taken from columns headers.

This step is not needed if you are going to have prepared sheets without 1st row having class fields names. 
In such case as class fields for all object classes you can use excel columns names - A, B, C, D etc.

Object Mapping

Class and fields mapping is done in same way as in other imports types. 
If A, B, C.. columns are used then they need to be normally matched with target fields. 


All classes requires that one field is matched as TOBIS as per other imports.

Updating field that is matched as TOBIS is not possible as such object will not be found during import process.

Performing import

ObjectData import has only one import option

  • Use 1st row as class fields - declares whether first row in excel file should be treated as class fields names or not.

Batch download of document's content 

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2181] - Batch download of files via object set window

Current implementationonly allow to download attachments, raster drawings and their TAF files.

  1. Select number of documents on Grid panel.
  2. Add them to object set with Add to OS button above document list.
  3. On the object set window, select all or some of documents using checkboxes and click on Download button.
  4. A ZIP file containing documents contents will be prepared prepared and delivered to you based on your browser settings.

  • ZIP file downloaded name is <site_name>_<timestamp>.zip
  • Timestamp format is <year-month-day-hour-minute-second> (without hyphens)
  • Files downloaded names are <document_label_field>_<orignal_file_name>.extension

Integration - Custom Menu Items

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2156] - Custom right-click context menu items for DocView

User right-clicks one or more rooms and the usual menu is shown but with additional items provided by external application.

Clicking an item provided by external application triggers provided callback function.

Detailed description is here.

Select root on application load

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2219] - How to get document to load automatically on root object in FM Access?

When new option Auto Select Root is checked then Root object (for Tree default perspective set) will be selected and default document on Grid for this object will be selected.

This is global settings for all users.

Reports improvement to XLS import type

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2141] - Import log for Excel package to show more useful information

Improvements to XLS import type were done. Some safety guards have been introducing so some error (corrupted data in XLS) is now ignored.

Also several situations that resulted in failed XLS import without proper error message are not handled and proper error message is presented so that it's should be easier to fix package/domain configuration and run import again.

  • Most common situation is when Document to be imported from XLS stylesheet cannot be connected to target object in Tree as this object is not present in target DB. 

Such situation will Result in import status Finished with Errors. In reports section on, Objects tab those not imported documents will be listed. 
Error message will be provided with name of object that was not found in database.

Error  reported is

Hierarchy matching for object failed during matching: id Rotundan 3/Byggnad 1/Plan 01 - KV -3TR, source class 105 and destination: id 006537225584, destination class 110

That means that document of external ID 006537225584 (HDC destination class 110)  cannot be linked to object of class 105 that have path Rotundan 3/Byggnad 1/Plan 01 - KV -3TR in Perspective used for import. In this case Floor Plan 01 - KV -3TR did not exist.

  • TOBIS Field not set for class - this will be reported in Unmatched tab
  • Objects present in XLS sheet but  without mapping in domain configuration - will be will be reported in Unmatched tab.

  • Document added but content not attached. This can happen when path to file (that consist of 3 columns in excel) is not fully filled.

    Such situation will be visible both on Objects and Unmatched tab of import reports.

Bugs fixed for this version

  • [HDC-2196] - Document Links are not imported -
  • [HDC-2205] - Undelete operation corrections
  • [HDC-2207] - Console errors when document does not have content
  • [HDC-2208] - Error showing composite document with empty text on vector layer
  • [HDC-2209] - AV manager additional fixes after improvements
  • [HDC-2217] - Ihus Ldap does not work
  • [HDC-2171] - Supplement missing attributes for deleted files

API Changes

(check /apidocs for more details about new/changed webservices)

  • (info) New Webservice

    PUT /api/av/history/json/{versionId}

    Edit snapshot's name and description.

  • (info) New Webservice

    PUT /av/advanced/history/json/{versionId}

    Edit Published version name and description.

  • (info) New Webservice

    PUT /admin/tdxmconfig/importconfig/xls/{domainId}

    Import XLS file to write down Object Classes and their fields to chosen External Domain.

  • (warning) Modified Webservice

    POST /perspective/metadata/xls/{perspectiveId}

    added QueryParam isBatchExport - default is set to "false"

  • (warning) Modified Webservice

GET /av/history/json

    • versionLabelDescr field was added to response
    • versionLabel field removed

  • (warning) Modified Webservice

    POST /av/alternative/version/{alternativeId}

    Publish draft - added json payload:


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