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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 2.0.0

Table of Contents

Presentation filter with data from target class

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2043] - Unable to create presentation filter with target class.

Presentations can now show data from different class than source class. 

Usage step by step

Example of usage is to show all Rental Units using presentation on drawing in perspective showing spots connected to rooms.

  • Prepare special perspective that will be used by presentation to show. Our is called RU (it will be used in filter definition later on).
    For our example we must prepare Perspective Set that have only to perspectives: "Rental Units" and "Rum".

    Please note that connection to Rum from Rental units is reversed.

  • Create new Presentation

    For now presentation must be of automatic type only.

  • create filter for your presentation

    Source class is "Rum" as we want to apply presentation to rooms.
    Than according to perspective RU we will check for Rental Units connected to those rooms and becouse of reversed link in perspective definition we can send data from rental utnis to presentation???????.


Now we check how such presentation looks on drawing. 
First we find drawing connected to Floor. We can see it has connected rooms (spots) in current perspective.

Now we will apply presentation Room by RU


BIMeye / Live Domain - get and send object properties to external domain

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1984] - BIMeye / Live Domain - get and send object properties to external domain.

Implement new plugin version for BIMeye II.
Implement send / get function according to HDC perspective, to handle multiple objects as a subtree. (e.g. all rooms on given floor, or all rooms in given building)

Description, scenario:
When BIMeye holds data that should be updated in FMA or for initial sync of properties from BIMeye to FMA.
Preconditions: Corresponding property structure is present in FMA (from IFC or FI2 import). GUID:s for structure objects in FMA and BIMeye are the same and is used as the link between the two systems. Field matching between BIMeye and FMA is set up for all object classes in FMA.

Use-case is relevant when BIMeye database is updated from CAD system or when FMA is initially fed with object properties for a new property, building, floor or space.

Function is triggered from FMA by marking and right clicking in property structure on one or several properties, buildings, floors or spaces. Only FMA users with rights to modify object data should have this menu option.

If object with child objects is selected then also all child objects to that object should be updated.

It should also be possible to mark one or several spots connected to spaces on drawing in FMA and then right click to trigger the function.
Only FMA users with rights to modify object data should have this menu option
User verify question that shows all affected objects before executing!

EID configurtation

Configuration in FMA should use external domain ‘BIMeye’ to set up object classes and object fields from BIMeye. Also matching to FMA fields should be done in this domain and selection of matching field (GUID). In configuration there must also be settings for deciding wich fields in FMA can be updated from BIMeye.


Object matching logic during import from DockumentNavet

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2097] - Object matching problem during import from DockumentNavet.

Logic for object matching in DockumentNavet import has been simplified.

  • If ID is present in source XML and object with such ID is found in target database then this object is updated.
  • If ID is present in source XML but there is no such object in target database new object is created with ID from XML.
  • if ID is not present in XML then new object is created with random ID.

"Status" tag is no longer taken into account during import. It can be removed from XML packages.


Bugs fixed for this version

  • [HDC-2066] - Tile management problems on Mac / Safari
  • [HDC-2098] - TOBIS API bug
  • [HDC-2106] - Shapes are not imported from from replication package to HDC
  • [HDC-2109] - FLS cache is not cleared after new schema is assigned to user
  • [HDC-2114] - Crosshair and World cursor is not visible
  • [HDC-2115] - Incomplete presentation when spots have own tools assigned
  • [HDC-2116] - Printouts and HOPA is blank when there is no raster drawing
  • [HDC-2037] - Review and improvements of HDC Viewer performance


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