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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.9.0 released on 15.03.2017

Table of Contents


New parameters for HOPAGetView4Object

 Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2015] - HOPA Print to PDF for document / object.

HOPA can now produce printouts to PDF wrapped in one of defined print template. 




Default value






Template ID to be used for PDF printout





Template Name to be used for PDF printout





Output format:

  • PNG (image)
  • JPG (image)
  • PDF (pdf file - forces printout mode and uses default print template if none is specified)
  • SVG
SpotMarginPercentSMP 100Define minimum margin around spot to be included in the returned image.




extents of view

Force specific scale on printout (PDF output only).

If Scale parameter is not given, system will match closest possible
scale from Print Scales defined in the system, so that entire view including spot margin is visible.




ID of the presentation (filter) to be applied to the result.

Use of template with filter legend window is recommended.


Embedded Viewer API improvements

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2070] - API enhancements for Landlord / 5D and other integrations.

Viewer API has been improved. Description available here.

New, enhanced logic introduced for viewer. If object is selected in Grid View:

  • if it's a document, load it
  • if it's not a document, check if has a spot and show the related document
  • if there is no spot, check if there is a default document linked (according to HOPA settings and perspective)

Draft name can be changed

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1947] - Draft name can be edited (comment field).

In Archive manager, user can change label and description of his drafts.

Select your draft in My Drafts section of Archive Manager and click on Edit button.


Edit name and description and click on Save button.

For future version we want to preserve draft's description so it's visible after publishing draft. Now HDC just displays label twice as label and name.


Copying multiple links from grid view and pasting them under selected object

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-2065] - I can copy multiple links from grid view and paste under selected object.


Managing links using three basic functions available in a grid view is the simplest and most intuitive approach. It makes linking a lot easier without the need to follow the link direction rules.

Linking buttons in Grid View always relate to parent object selected in the tree view!

If that sounds odd, think about that as working on files within a folder. Grid view can be compared to showing a folder content. You can try that out by following those steps:

  1. Select a Floor that has documents linked, check all needed documents. Notice that Copy links button becomes activated showing a number of links that can be copied.

  2. When the links are copied, a Paste button is activated showing a number of links in a clipboard. Now select a new object where you want to link the documents:

  3. Click Paste button and the documents will be linked under selected object:

    If you wish to remove the linked objects, simply check them and use Unlink function. 


Changed Object class functionality

Done under JIRA issue [HDC-1877] - New function: Change document type (object class)

New functionality is now added to change object of one class to another. 

For instance, user can change one (or more) object of type "Arkitekt" to "Mark" object.

"Conversion" process are really two actions:

  • Chosen object is being deleted. Delete rights to source object are required.
  • New object of chosen type is created. It keeps all metadata of source object if fields of both classes match. Edit rights are required to target class.

How to:

  • On Grid, selected all object you want to convert to different object type and click on Add to Object Set button

  • On Object Set window check desired Objects again and click on Convert button

  • From Class Picker window choose your target class and click Select button

  • Click Yes on confirmation window and inspect Object Conversion Status window

    Please note that although conversion can be done between any object classes, we recommend it to use only on sibling classes.
    In other cases all metadata probably will be lost due to difference in class fields.  
    Conversion will also fail if target class has required field and source class did not have such field. 


Bugs and other improvements fixed for this version

  • [HDC-2013] - Errors in generated SQL functions for getting statistics and children

  • [HDC-2016] - IFC import issues

  • [HDC-2027] - IFC import succeeds but nothing is visible in HDC

  • [HDC-2078] - Order of tabs on Grid Tesselet

  • [HDC-2083] - Scale drop down in print preview does not work

  • [HDC-1887] - Export of date to Excel from HDC is not correct formatted

  • [HDC-1768] - Issues with pdf printout - PDF blurry
  • [HDC-1935] - HOPA Copy View and regular HOPA images are blurred
  • [HDC-2014] - Security Schemes for user are cached after change - require manual cache clearing
  • [HDC-2101] - Not possible to save hide setting for personal layers
  • [HDC-2093] - Cannot paste link to object when some of the links are there already


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