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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.8.0 - released on 15.02.2017 

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TDXM reports for unmatched (skipped) objects

Done under JIRA issue: [HDC-1904] - TDXM: reports for not matched/not added objects

Reports for TDXM import operations were improved. Several minor bugs were fixed and a new functionality of reporting unmatched objects was added.
Before this changes, objects that were detected in import package but could not be matched with any HDC object using selected External Domain were just omitted (silently skipped). 

HDC will now report such objects under Unmatched tab in Import Log window as shown below:

In given example we can see a list of objects that were detected in import packages but were not added to HDC during import due to bad domain matching.

For each object we can see a source (external) class name (VS) and an external ID. 

Possible error messages with corresponding error codes are: 

  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_15: 'Object links parsing error',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_14 : 'File parsing error',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_13 : 'Empty imported object id',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_12 : 'Empty object class id',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_11 : 'Empty object links',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_10 : 'Failed to perform class mapping',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_9 : 'Failed to perform links mapping',
  • IMPORTED_OBJECT_ERROR_8 : 'Failed to perform mapping for id field in links',

Please note there still might be some situations not listed above, in which HDC will not report unmatched object.


XML reports will now include a list of unmatched objects at the end of the report:

<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_20002489" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003455" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_20002488" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003456" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_20002487" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003453" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003454" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_20002486" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003457" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003451" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003452" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003450" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003448" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_10003449" errorCode="9"/>
<UnmatchedItem Guid="VS_20002485" errorCode="9"/>

Translations export/import via Excel file

We have now added a possibility to export selected translations of labels to Excel file that can be edited and then imported again to the same or compatible system.

This can be done from Export/Import Translation window in Administration panel.


  • To enable export button choose a language that you want to translate from the drop-down.
  • Select one of possible translation options. If no selection is made, all translations will be exported.
  • Export is done to <language>_Translations_hdcExcelReport.xls file.

Export file contents:

  • Each exported translation type is located in separate tab
  • Only the "translation" column can be modified. Modifications to other sections might result in a failed import.



  • There is no need to choose language for import - HDC will read it from Excelfile automatically.
  • If you do not choose any of the possible translation types,  then all will be imported.
  • If you choose specific translations then only those selected will be imported even if there are other translations in the file being imported.
  • After import is done, report will display listing all imported translations.

  • Report is not incremental - it lists all translations even if they were already translated.
  • Context column indicates import category for that entry
  • Server Message column will inform what was translated and how:

    Successfully updated translation for 'fi2struct_name' of class 'struct' with 'Building number' from ReferenceValue ''

    This is how it corresponds to Excel file:


In this example, for reference value "" translation is now "Building number" for class struct and it's field fi2struct_name


If no translations were found for given translation category, system will report this as Critical (column Level)  and description "No translation found for this type in import file".


New version for Image Processing Engine (Sightseer) 

New image processing service is now implemented. It has up to ten times improved perforance, can handle even larger images, and will produce better quality images that take two times less space then previously.

Fixed in: [HDC-1936] - Raster images in HDC are of unacceptable sharpness

Also new Sightseer will now handle even larger files (100k pixeles in dimension).

Fixed in: [HDC-2002] - .cal file cannot be rasterized - sightseer/vips error and [HDC-2025] - Sightseer can rasterize very large raster files (even bigger than before)


Improvements to Import operation

Time needed for import operation is now considerably reduced for large packages (independently from image processing).

New version offers a possibility to update objects and their metadata alone, while skipping documents. If the "Import Documents" option is unchecked, documents will remain unchanged

as opposed to previous version where they would be removed. This option would be typically used if incorrect mappings were used and some properties skipped as a result. Now this situation can be easily fixed without loosing the already imported and processed documents.

Fixed in: [HDC-1853] - TDXM: Import of same package without "Import Documents" option, deletes existing content.

Changed logic for resolving Security Schemes

Implemented in: [HDC-1576] - Review perspective filtering (security schemes) in database

Resolving a Security Scheme to be used will now be more intuitive. Security Scheme visible in Object Security will now have top priority in defining security scheme.

As a result, selected child objects can be "revealed" by using specific less restrictive class and they will not be generally filtered out based on default Security Scheme. 

Safety question added when deleting user

Implemented in: [HDC-1951] - There should be a safety question when user is deleted from HDC

Changes to Archive Manager roles

Implemented in: [HDC-1455] - Controlled access to shared and private Drafts 

Archive Manger roles have been revised.

Archive Manager
Basic Archive Manager
  • Access to Archive Manager Panel
  • View history of published versions
  • View list of owned and shared drafts
  • Create and manage new drafts from selected published version,
  • Share owned drafts with other users or groups
  • Change version to one of published, owned or shared drafts

Advanced Archive Manager

Access and administer versions using advanced version manager panel.

  • Publish draft to Master Archive
  • Set System Default version

 See full article about roles here.

Bugs fixed and other improvements done for this version

    • [HDC-1368] - Set as root for object that was already expanded does not show + icon
    • [HDC-1641] - WS /api/parameters/default/json gives back to much info
    • [HDC-1642] - Applying presentations and printing with presentations are not consistent
    • [HDC-1765] - System Settings: Icons extenstions should have validation of accepted separator
    • [HDC-1853] - TDXM: Import of same package without "Import Documents" option, deletes existing content.
    • [HDC-1978] - Strange way of handling images with units expressed in mm (Micasa case)
    • [HDC-2036] - Popup Properties functions should respect Sealed version and object security mask.
    • [HDC-1592] - Spring-based pipeline
    • [HDC-1701] - Handling database connection pooling outside HDC server application
    • [HDC-1342] - Apply viewing projection to vector and template drawings
    • [HDC-1720] - Improve time of printouts with automatic presentation (unusable PDF output)
    • [HDC-2034] - Perspective picker should show all available Perspective Sets in Security View & Object Picker
    • [HDC-2039] - Lack of TAF files in replication package fails TDXM import
    • [HDC-1954] - Changing grid perspective to one with indirect path on object that do not resolve indirect path will result in client hang
    • [HDC-2059] -, problem with pdf printing for one user
    • [HDC-2055] - Refactoring printing related classes
    • [HDC-2019] - Printouts on specific zoom level are blank
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