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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.7.0

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LDAP Provider information for user

Provider information column is now added to Users panel in Administration section. It will inform if user is an internal HDC user or comes from specific LDAP domain.

Pie-chart view for presentation legend

After applying Filter Legend, we will now provide alternative view in form of chart based both on area or quantity. 

Choice can be done by clicking on tabs Legend or Chart.

Adding object overlay with SuperEdit (Overlay Import)

Guide demonstrating sample workflow for this functionality is located here.

Print Macros displaying data from ancestor objects

When creating Text Macros, setting Perspective set field will now decide what data a given macro can display.

In example above we have macro called Property Number that will search for value of fi2prop_name field in in Fastighet Object class within Ancestors ("parent objects") of context object within All Perspective set. 

What is context object?
When a macro is placed on the drawing, a context object will be determined automatically. If the macro is not linked direclty to some specific objects, a document object, that the drawing is connected to, will become a base context object. Macro can also be resolved to a remote object, that is linked to base context object. Traversal to this remote objects will be performed according to a specific perspective set. 

In this example, if we add macro on drawing that is connected to Architect document object then this specific Architect object will be base context object (unless we link this macro manually to some other object). Starting from this object HDC will look for ancestor objects (according to All perspectives set) up to chosen "Fastighet" class (if it exists in this perspective path) and show selected property for it.

How it works?

Another usage of macros is adding macro directly to print templates.

In that case, base context object will be dependent on the printed document.

In the example below, there is a Building object with Mark Object document connected to it.

If the shown template drawing is used to print such document, then the base context object will be resolved to Mark Object.
Going further on, HDC will look for ancestors of Mark Object (that is Building - the direct parent and its parent that is our requested "Fastighet")

Perspective set logic

Logic for finding desired class is based on context object ancestors in chosen perspective.
It works in opposite than for other usages of Perspective set. We start from Mark Object and we know that it's connected to Byggnad class so relation is like this:

Than we can check that Fastighet class have child class Byggnad and that why data from macro resolved.


  • Macros on drawings that are linked directly to specific object via HDC links do not take specified Perspective set into account.
  • Child Object will not be shown.
  • If there are multiple parent objects (document linked to many objects) than random (first) will be shown.

Improvements to HOPA

Multiple improvements to HOPA API calls are part of this release. (HOPA cache, proper data depending on user context, proper behaviour for document and object context)

Session handling improvements

Parameters from System Settings\General Settings will now be properly respected.
Settings are global per database - so they influence all users.

If Security Ticket Authentication option is not checked than only Session Timeout option is taken into account. 
In such case as on screen above, user will be logged out of system after 30 min from their last action. 

If Security Ticket Authentication option is checked than session will be active for number of hours set in Security Ticket Timeout (counting from last login via login page) option plus minutes set in Session Timeout parameter from last user action.

Bugs fixed for this version

  • Fix for broken default document
  • [HDC-1625] - 'stroke-width' is a CSS property and as such can not use scientific notation
  • [HDC-1716] - Hopa view settings seem to be cached somewhere on the DAO
  • [HDC-1797] - User session timeout / restart and server archive version mismatch
  • [HDC-1851] - Icons are not visible on HOPA returned images
  • [HDC-1927] - Text macros behaviour with presentation (manual and auto) in viewer / print /hopa view
  • [HDC-1930] - Fix paging for multiple parents (multiple objects in tree)
  • [HDC-1932] - Failed to get HOPA call RasterizeInSightseer error
  • [HDC-1940] - Small Texts (font size < 1) are truncated on printouts
  • [HDC-1941] - External Domain Conf Fix permissions import
  • [HDC-1943] - Excel Import - does not take TAF file into account - parameters are not updated with values from TAF
  • [HDC-1949] - PerspectiveView loading forever
  • [HDC-1960] - Default Document corrupts Document list
  • [HDC-1961] - Error parsing string to number fails whole import.
  • [HDC-1962] - When session is lost, user is presented with "No required role" message and must logout
  • [HDC-1963] - HDC test of 1.6.0, no macros defined?
  • [HDC-1972] - Line stroke-width settings in printous with different units cases
  • [HDC-1983] - HDCRep Import does not add links between spots and rooms
  • [HDC-1489] - Good quality tiles in viewer display with small blur.
  • [HDC-1630] - HOPA cache improvements


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