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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.6.0

Table of Contents


General changes


HDC can now communicate with external Active Directory or OpenLDAP.
This can be used to log in to HDC with user from such domain using same credentials.

This of course requires special preparation from Administrators of such external domain.
Details of such domains must be also added to HDC configuration. After that communication between external domain and HDC is established and domain can be registered in HDC Administration panel. 

  • Register Groups from available external domain

    Only users from those groups in external domain will be able to log in to HDC. 

  • Add those groups to desired system roles

  • Also please remember to add external groups to Security Schemes (and other features)

Indirect perspectives


Quick Serach for Document Grid

Additional search window is now visible above Grid Tesslet. 
Type in value to search for desired Object that exists in currently chosen Perspective (set for Grid - dropdown next to search).

Objects, as noted before will be searched only in context of current Perspective and against Object Classes and Fields configured in Administrator Panel.
Configuration part is same as for quick search for Tree Tesslets. In fact both search mechanisms use same configuration. See Quick Search.

Improvements to text macros

Major improvement (along with many small improvements and fixes) is that macros will be in Resolved state only in View mode of viewer.
When in Edit or Redline mode, macro will not be resolved but it's name will be visible so it's easier to manage them. Unresolved macro looks like this:


Archive Manager list

Archive Manager list is now sorted by default by creation date so that newest published (system default version) version is on top of the list. 
Also paging to this list is now added. 


Drawing parameters from rasters and TAFs improvement

We've reviewed how parameters are taken from raster and TAF files.
Correct way is the same as in TSL Classic products like SuperEdit, that is: 

Raster parameters > Parameters from TAF > Defaults values

So most important are parameters from rasters, then values from TAF are taken and if no value is present than default is taken.

This works for manual input of file to HDC and using import.


Please note that TAF files are only used while initially adding files to HDC via any way.
After that they cannot be accessed and therefore used by HDC.

Read Raster parameters
(added in version 1.5.0) option can be done on already imported/added objects to HDC. 
This will read raster parameters from files itself and update parameters with them. Rest of parameters (that were not read from raster file) will be left unchanged (in 1.5.0 they were overwritten by default values).


Changes for HOPA

HOPAGetView4Object params changes

DomainName parameter will now be Domain parameter and will accept both External Domain ID or Domain name.

HOPA highlight

HOPA calls will now highlight object in question with chosen color. 

Choosing highlight style can be done in Administrator Panel\System Settings\HOPA tab.

Click on the pallet icon to open choose from existing Graphic Tools.

Bugs fixed for this version:

  • [HDC-1440] - Wrong scale in TAF fails whole to TDXM Import.
  • [HDC-1679] - Printing document with only redline drawing on it generates error
  • [HDC-1793] - Leaking db connections when working with user parameters
  • [HDC-1865] - Long running process (tile single raster o retile) won't set process status to Finished.
  • [HDC-1883] - Problem with Status for long running process (tiling).
  • [HDC-1900] - does not answer
  • [HDC-1907] - When deleting icon used on drawing document will not load anymore
  • [HDC-1912] - Raster parameters and TAFs in HDC - clearing out how it works
  • [HDC-1921] - Old fashion defind icons can't be displayed and corrupt printouts
  • [HDC-1928] - Problem using excel import
  • [HDC-1906] - Refactor HopaGetView4Object Servlet
  • [HDC-1917] - Remove unnecessary Hdas imports
  • [HDC-1822] - Copy View browswer compatibility
  • [HDC-1908] - Refactor and all classes that use it



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