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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.5.0

Table of Contents

Text Macros

Text macros can be added to print templates or directly in drawings on any vector/redline layer.

Creating macros

  • In Administration panel go to Text Macros panel and click on Add button

  • Type in macro Name
  • Perspective set field -  can be ignored for this version
  • Choose Target class from active configuration
  • Choose Target Field of chosen class. This field's value (if it exists) will show on resolved macro


  • Click Add button to finish adding macro. Macro will show on the list.


Adding macros to Print Templates

  • Go to Templates manager and click on desired Template
  • On Draw toolbar select Add text button and click on template below to point macro into desired place.
  • In Edit Text dialog choose Macro checkbox to enable macro list. 

Macro list will show all macros created in Text Macro panel and system macros like Scale, Data and Time.

Added macro will be shown in Template Editor in unresolved state - visible as macro name in square brackets.

[Macro Name]


Macros added to Template Editor will resolve on printouts and in print preview if prepared template is selected.

Know limitation

For now (until next version) we only resolve (change macro into data) for document context object.

That means if you open document connected to Floor you can see daya from macros only about document and object connected to document - that is Floor in this example.
So if you have template with macros Document Name, Floor Name and Building Number and you use it to print document connected to Floor than only macros Document Name and Floor Name will resolve into data.

Adding macros on vector overlay or redline

If user have enough set of rights macro can be added in viewer to selected layer in main HDC panel for selected drawing. It will only exists on this one drawing.
It should resolve (show database data based on it's configuration) only in view/print-preview mode of viewer, and be unresolved in Edit/Redline mode (to be implemented yet).

Those macros are treated in many ways as standard entities - for instance they can be linked to objects. 
So if you add Building Number macro to drawing connected to Floor you can link it to desired Building to display it's properties.


After linking building to this macro it will resolve and show building number.


Changes for TDXM

Domain mappings will not be case sensitive anymore.

This means that casing in TDXM mapping for object classes, class fields and layers names will not be checked.
So for example: source class Arkitekt can be added to HDC External Domain as ARKITEKT and they will be matched as one. 

Export and Import of External Domain Configuration

It is now possible to export chosen External Domain Configuration with all it's mapping to file in JSON or XML format.

In TDXM panel, click on External Information Domains panel to get list of all external domains.
Select a domain, than click on Export button and choose file format of export. This will download a file with selected domain configuration to your disc.

To import domain configuration create new domain, select it and click on Import button to chose file with exported configuration. 

  • All object classes and their fields from exported domain will be added to new domain on Object Classes tab.
  • Entries on Object Mappings tab will only be added when target class/fields are present of course in destination DB (in case import is done in different DB/application)
  • Same goes for Global Layers mapping - target global layer must exists.
  • All Private layers mapping will be added with set of permissions if same users in destination DB are present as in exported one (matched by username).
  • Live Data Source configuration is not exported.

Improved Import Reports

Status of Import jobs in TDXM on Import Log tab should now be more clear. 
This will be visible in GUI of TDXM and as well in improved XML report available for download. 


Possible statuses of import are:

  • Started(0),
  • Success(1),
  • InProgress(2),
  • Failed(3),
  • Scheduled(4),
  • FinishedWithErrors(5),
  • FinishedWithWarnings(6);

Below this list, on Details tab, administrator will see all stages of selected import as on screen above.

Also Object tab will now provide with more clear message if some problems during import are found.

Column Status Code will provide with information on problems detected during import.

Tooltip with full message text will appear if mouse is hovered over this column.



Other improvements

Reading raster parameters 

Parameters like DPI, length, height and orientation will be read directly from original raster file.  
Till now those parameters were read from entries in .taf file if present - if not, default values were taken.

Parameters will be read while tiling/retiling process is run (for instance while import to HDC) or can be done on demand.

To use this functionality on demand: 

  • Go to System Settings \ File Repository tab \ File Status tab. 
  • On selected list of files click on Params only checkbox.
  • To start process click Process Selected button (to update single selected file) or Process All to update parameters for all files.

Status of this task can be checked on Attributes Processed tab or hole task in Running processes menu.


Verify of delete operation

Confirmation dialog was added for delete operation of Composite drawing and Group.

Bugs fixed for this version:

  • [HDC-1561] - Upper/lower case problem in Docnavet XML files
  • [HDC-1587] - Duplicated objects on TDXM import because of ID case sensivity
  • [HDC-1746] - Path to icons on print templates should be generic for linux and windows
  • [HDC-1760] - IE: Texts are displayed wrong in viewer (Import of texts)
  • [HDC-1857] - Fixes for Auto-linking functionality - leftovers
  • [HDC-1869] - Cannot switch viewport in Print Preview mode
  • [HDC-1870] - Fix "Rewrite" functionality in Internal Information Domain \ HDC
  • [HDC-1879] - Change layer function in HDC does not work
  • [HDC-1886] - icons not visible on client - ext bug
  • [HDC-1899] - Style assigned to print / legend frame rect should be private
  • [HDC-1902] - Impossible to use Internet explorer to add drawing


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