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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.4.0

Table of Contents

Changes for security

Security for object's content resolved from Named Security Scheme

Now, security for object's content will be resolved from Named Security Scheme (if it exists) that applies to this object (document type object like Arkitekt). 
Till now it was taken always from default security scheme. 

Changes for Print

Improved printout time

Tweaking print is ongoing now. Printouts form A4 to A1 size will now be much more faster (first printouts). 
A0 printouts due to their size still will take longer time to print. To be improved in the future. 

Changes for HOPA:

ChangesHOPA GetView4Object  

Changes to parameters for calls using DomainName parameter:



Abbr.RequiredDefault value





HDC Object class




HDC Object Id (key)




Document for spot








Result image width




Result image height




External domain name or id




External domain class




External domain field name




External domain field value



  • ClassId and ObjectID - pair of Object's class ID and Object ID field used in HDC internaly. Both parameters are required. 
    ClassId can be retrieved from Object Classes configuration and Object ID is a value of Class Field marked as ID Field.
  • DocumentForSpot - when set to 1, image contains document, on which spot is linked to this object.
  • SpotMarginPercent - percent of area surrounding spot (e.g. “100” – spot only; “110” – add 10% margins around spot boundaries).
  • Width and Height -  width and height ot returned spot.

  • DomainName - external domain name or ID. Matching object is searched using External Domain ID's. Can be used in two ways:
    • with CID or CN and ID which in this case (DN present in url) will represent External domain object class id and object id,
    • with ClassName, FieldName, FieldValue - than CID and ID is not needed



Changes for TDXM

Import default document from HDRep packages

Default documents (object of document type displayed by default in Grid when Tree object object is selected) are now added automatically while import is done if they are present in source package and if HDC perspective match HDoc Classic.


Assign owner and permissions to unmapped local layers before import

Many packages from HDoc contains multiply private layers. 
HDC can import them without mapping each of them but owner by default is set to importer making vectors on those layers unseenable for other users. 
This can now be fixed by selecting permissions for all unmapaded layers (still you can map specific layers by name if desired of course).


  • Open TDXM panel. Go to chosen external domain settings and choose Layer Mapping tab.


  • On Private layers part click on Add button.
  • To choose all unmapped layers type %default% to Source Layer and Target Local Layer fields, chose owner for all layers and press Add button.


This is special command that will get all unmapped layers.
In future we will add some button so it will be more user-friendly.

  • After adding entry, click on it and then on Grant permissions button and choose users and groups that will have access to all unmapped layers.


Other Improvements

Embeded Viewer API

We now allow to use simple API that can be used on client side.
Description of this mode can be found here

Grouped Objects

Functionality is now added with version 1.4.0 officially. 
Please note that still some parts are not finished: 

  • highlight on HOPA,
  • drag and drop multiply objects,

Full guide is here.


New Administration menu group - Data Processing

New administration menu group was added: Data Processing.
Items in it will allow various processes to be done on data already imported to database but not done while importing or when there is a need to process them again.

Right now only one option is possible - Auto-linking

Here you can map two class fields of of two object classes.

If then Auto-Linking process is run and source field's (of source class) value is same as value of targets field (of target class) than links between those object will be created.

Running and Auto-Linking process


 This is pilot functionality for now, can be used only while import is done.

When clicking on import, new option will be available: Perform Auto-Linking.

You can run it when adding new package to database or to just update data with automatic links defined in Admin panel. 

Due to known bug (to be fixed for 1.5.0) when you perform import using package already imported, content of documents will be removed if option Import document is not set.
Normally we would see that to perform Auto-Linking only this option should be checked.

Set default view for map drawing

It is now possible to set map drawing view as default when selecting document connected to this map:

  • go to desired Document with map connected,
  • map loads in full extents,
  • zoom into desired zoom level,
  • open Composite Drawing Manager anc click on map drawing,
  • to use current view as default for this map click on Set Map Extents from view button,
  • to reset extents to full map click on Reset Map Extents.


Please remember that setting default extents of map:

  • requires Edit rights to document object and it's content
  • is versioned normally
  • is same for all users
  • applies to instance of map conected to one document (there can be more same maps connected to different documents with different default extents)


Bugs fixed for this version:


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