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New features, improvements and bug fixes done for version 1.3.0

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Added macros to print template are now visible in Print Preview

( HDC-1745 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

When entering Print Preview and choosing template with text macro added (like scale or date), those macros will be resolving live.
So scale macro will display on preview currently chosen scale and will change if you zoom in our zoom out. 



Bugs and small improvements fixed for this version:

  • HDC-1756 - Incomplete printout on KLP
  • HDC-1766 - Tree multi-selection of objects with different classes create wrong database calls
  • HDC-1324 - Delete operation of vector entities does not delete hyperlinks
  • HDC-1352 - More user friendly (correct) message for Failure (Server: REST WebService error)
  • HDC-1613 - HOPA abbrevation for "Height" parameter does not work
  • HDC-1647 - Object multi-selection problem
  • HDC-1534 - zoom function on drawing using tablets is to sensitive
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