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HDC is an object and drawing management system used in Facilities Management and other areas. In many aspects it resambles an indoor GIS system with support for flexible object linking, visual presentations and world versioning system that provides audit trail and access to historical data.

It is an extremely flexible platform that can combine data from multiple, virtually incompatible sources. To name a few, HDC integrates data from BIM, scanned drawings, FM systems via Fi2 or IFC standards, Excel, CAD Files, GIS & Map systems. All of this data is easily accessible via single web application that provides desktop like performance and productivity.

Flexible nature of HDC makes it a “Swiss army knife” capable of managing floor plans, apartments, spaces, equipment but also objects outside building, like tree inventory or parking spaces.

HDC manages geometrical and geospatial data thus being capable of providing information about area or distance. HDC can follow evolving customer needs by supporting easy reconfiguration.


To use HDC you only need a modern web browser with connection to the Internet. No other third party tools or plugins are required!


Release Notes

Detailed release notes for every new version.

User Interface

  • HDC PanelThis panel is always present at the top of HDC application. It contains access buttons to other areas of HDC , current HDC data version displayed and User Profile button.
  • Tree TessletTreeView Tesslet is used to present HDC objects in form of a hierarchical tree. It can show a large number of objects and easily represent dependencies between them, like Spaces on a given Floor.
  • Grid TessletTabellmetode for å vise objekter fra database. Avhenger vanligvis av valgte treobjekt.
  • Viewer TessletViewer Pane displays content of selected Object from database.
  • Object Properties Tesslet
  • Accessibility

General System Settings

Users fulfilling different roles in the organization might have very different user interface needs. This is dictated both by functionality and access rights.

Object Management

Change Management Workflow


    Icons are to be used in many situations, but mainly they can be added to Print Templates.

    Drawings and Layers

    HDC uses these basic types of drawings:


    Our goal is to provide user with PDF file that will be have exact content as needed with just minimal clicking effort.  

    • How to PrintBrukere kan skrive ut dokumenter med kun ett klikk med forhåndsdefinerte innstillinger, eller bruke Avansert utskrift for å se en forhåndsvisning før utskrift.
      • Quick PrintOne click on Quick Print  image2015-5-25 16:27:20.png  button is enough to get a PDF file with currently displayed document.
      • Print Preview ModePrinting using Print Preview allow user to customize printout and to see expected effect before printing.
      • Batch PrintBatch print uses quick print logic but for multiple documents.
      • Smart Print
    • Print AdministrationAdministration panels allows to manage print templates - from creation and editing to assigning them to users and groups.
      • Print FormatsPrint formats are first and basic parameter of each template, defining their height and width.
      • Template EditorPrint Template Editor allows for creating and editing of templates used for printing.
      • Templates SetsTemplates sets allow administrator to decide which users (or groups) can use which templates for printing.
      • Legend Print Templates


    Maps in HDC

    GIS and WMS intergration with HyperDoc

    • Working with Map Data SourceHyperDoc can communicate with WMTS enabled GIS web server to automatically retrieve configuration via so called Get Capabilities service.

    Version Management

    HyperDoc provides versioning of all objects. Every object, document, link, property belong to a specific version that can be named and accessed by authorized users. HyperDoc allows for creating alternative versions (Drafts) for different purposes like planning. HyperDoc version does not relate to single object or document but rather represents entire "world" view in given version.

    Data Exchange & Integrations

    HDC can be easily integrated with other systems thanks to full coverage of standard REST Web Services.

    System Configuration

    Each Configuration is a set of remembered settings of HyperDoc Database, that can be Activated when needed.

    • Import/Export ConfigurationThis functionality allows to export multiply configurations and settings to .json file and import this file to different databases.

    Data Processing

    Data Processing is an administrator only site that allow to post-process database data in various ways.


    • HOPAGetView4ObjectRetrieve document (of type/class set in Hopa settings http://hopa settings) connected to chosen Object matched by parameters given in hopa url.


    Text macros can be added to print templates or directly in drawings on any vector/redline layer.


    HDC Mobile App

    System Requirements for End User

    Data Reports

    SaaS Cloud Information Center

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